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Updated on December 18, 2012 comes from the Nigerian pidgin word "Deal dey" which means "There is a deal". It is a popular online shopping website that allows sellers to offer deals while buyers would be able to purchase those deals. It features a wide category of products and services such as Fashion, Electronics, Household products and travel deals. They tend to offer users those regular products they probably need but at a good discount. It is one of the few websites in Nigeria that offers online shoppers the opportunity to get good deals on their products.

Dealdey started in 2011 as a sort of wholesale website offering products and services online at discounted prices. If the required number of people buy the deal, then it would really be sold else the few buyers would be refunded.

How to buy at Dealdey

  1. Sign up for an account it's free
  2. Buy the deal by clicking on buy
  3. Make payment using bank deposit/transfers, online payment(Interswitch, Mastercard) or mobile payment into Dealdey's account
  4. Receive a coupon via sms and email
  5. Deal ends by midnight
  6. If a minimum number of people buy the deal, then it is sold, else you will all be refunded
  7. Redeem your coupon by making a pickup or expecting a delivery

When a potential buyer logs into Dealdey, he is shown a list of product and service deals available in his location and he can also choose to categorize them.

Why do they offer such deals at a discount?

It seems sellers tend to want to use the platform to advertise their services or products by attracting a a large number of clients with their discounts on wholesale rather than retail units. At Dealdey, you can get the best discounts for packages like Dining, Entertainment, Travel and movies in your area. The deals are awesomely low priced.

Start buying from Dealdey Today


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