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Dean Graziosi's Profit From Real Estate Right Now

Updated on June 11, 2012

Dean Graziosi Real Estate

Today turned out to be the perfect day to write a Dean Graziosi review of sorts because of what I read about Tishman today. For those that don't know Tishman Speyer Properties had purchased a residential apartment complex in Manhattan for $5.4 Billion in 2006. That was the biggest residential purchase in history and made big news at the time.

Today, they gave up and are turning their Stuyvesant Town apartment project over to their creditors because it just didn't work. Debt was mounting and restructuring was near impossible in today's economy. Real Estate is down and even the best of the best couldn't turn a profit on this deal. Even though Tishman is technically not get foreclosed upon because they are deeding the property to their lenders, let's call it what it is. Another foreclosure. And I suppose if you have a few billion dollars laying around, then you could get quite a deal!

The Real Estate Business is tough, but it's not rocket science. The above is just an example of the state of the commercial market and having now read both of Dean Graziosi's Real Estate books I understand pretty much everything I read and hear about residential real estate and feel very well equipped to even dabble in a bit of commercial real estate. Dean gives a great education to his readers and I suggest his books to anyone interested in learning about Real Estate.

Having said that, if you buy his books and even sign up for his coaching program thinking you are going to get rich overnight, then think again. Just look at Tishman. (well they are already rich). Every deal is different and has a unique set of circumstances. Graziosi provides strategies that are proven in any market but you have to be diligent and do the work. Nobody is going to do the deal for you and I don't believe in Gurus. This is no nonsense stuff presented in a way which allows real people to learn about Real Estate and begin to dabble and ultimately succeed investing in real estate.

So when I hear the words "Dean Graziosi Scam" I tend to wonder what that means. Both his books are best sellers and the information is pretty darn good. So What does he have to say about it?

Dean Graziosi Scam

Profit From Real Estate Right Now

I have to agree with Graziosi on this one. As an As Seen On TVjunkie I can't tell you how many times I follow an ad about a product I'm interested in and it leads me to a page trashing the product and then selling a completely different one.

There are plenty of sites out there devoted to real estate scams and the names listed on them rarely include Dean Graziosi. That doesn't mean you should follow him blindly. He's not going to go make an offer on a house for you, but if you look at his books as an educational resource and then make an informed decision about entering his coaching program, you will not be sorry.

I resisted the coaching which is something of a web portal where members find help, coaching from pros and even communication with other members who share ideas. It's excellent if you are going to be actively doing deals or want some human help when considering your options. If you are just trying to learn about the subject of real estate and don't ever plan to buy a house or property, then you don't need to participate in this type of coaching program. It will be there when you are ready.

Just understand that nobody is going to put money in your pocket but you and what you need to accomplish this will be a plan to guide you and a path to follow. With regard to investing in real estate, both can be found in Dean Graziosi's Profit from Real Estate Right Now. It's really all about taking action steps and well informed decision making. In my a opinion, a tremendous resource.


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    • profile image

      Jane S. 7 years ago

      How come he looks like a lesbian?

    • NuWave Oven profile image

      NuWave Oven 7 years ago

      It's funny that you start your hub with news about Stuyvesant Town. I always thought that place was a housing project. I had no idea that it was purchased by a huge company and had so much debt. It really looked like a dump to me but I only drive by several times, I never stopped there.

      Real Estate is not for me and I learned that long ago. It seems the real estate agents, mortgage brokers and states get all the profit we think will go to us. If you have the money to invest and can hold long term then go for it, but if you are looking to flip forget about it it today's market.

      I agree with that Graziosi guy because it is the best time in history to buy, but unless you are looking for long term investments, the real estate I consider buying will probably not be profitable for years. Maybe my kids will profit but I don't think i have the time left!

    • tulwave profile image

      tulwave 7 years ago from Orlando,Fl

      I read the book and found it useful. I was into that whole think like the seller thing. I think he called it learning to press the seller's buttons or something similar to that. Anyway, worth the read if you are thinking now's a good time to buy.