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Debit Card Alternative to Credit Card

Updated on June 2, 2011

Controll Spending With Debit Cards

Wouldn't you agree, you can set your own limits with debit cards? If you don't, the card will. By the way, cash will do the same. The debit card is plastic cash. If you're in the habit of swiping a card, buy debit cards in various amounts you can afford. Designate one for lunch, another for gas, and take back control on how much you spend for clothes. You'll think twice before buying each time you swipe and/or sign on the line. If not, restrict spending by using cash ONLY. Limit how much cash you carry in your pocket.

Good First Step

Taking back control of your money happens in baby steps. Purchasing debit cards would be a good first step. I have several debit cards - VISA and MasterCard. Putting small amounts on them helps me control my spending and focus on discounts and coupons. These are other advantages for using debit cards.

Victim of Fraud

I've been a victim of fraud. Now, when a debit card can be used to secure a car, make hotel reservations, etc., I put enough money in the account to cover the cost. In error, a hotel tried to put an additional day on my account and couldn't because the debit card wouldn't accept it. Another time, I paid for the room in cash and requested the debit card number, used to hold the room, be erased from the hotel system. I explained to the reservation manager that I had been a victim of fraud. And, without hesitation, he accepted my cash and erased the debit card number. Be creative in controlling your money.

Cash Is King

Cash is hard to spend. Most places are set -up to receive a debit or credit card. I'm on the board of a not-for-profit organization. I was given cash, $800, to purchase toys for a homeless shelter. A super-center store was chosen to get the toys. Sixty toys filled two shopping carts and were rolled up to the cashier. After totalling the sales ticket, the cashier would not accept cash. Showing the organization's credentials and indicating I was on the board, was not good enough. Can you believe she would not take cash? Skepticism should have been on my part considering the amount of money being spent.

The cashier contacted the manager who couldn't make a decision to accept the cash. The manager called the general manager, and I truly believe he asked them, "What was their problem. Take the money before she runs!" The first line manager came back to me and said, "We'll accept cash this time." Did you just read what I said? I wanted to say, "What do you mean this time?" Since a lot of effort and time was consumed clearing CASH. I paid, got a receipt and left.

Debit Cards Are In

Cash is king, and debit cards are in. Could someone tell that to the people at the super center. More and more people are using them to avoid credit card fees, APRs, debt, etc. Some institutions prefer credit. There are special breaks they get and money kick-backs with every use. Are economy suffers from this system. It's one of the reason why spending has gotten beyond our means.

Take control of your money by setting your own limits with debit cards. Spend smart, use cash or debit cards and go for the discounts and coupons.

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