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Discounted Designer Annuities

Updated on January 29, 2014

Choose A Designer Annuity for a Steady Reliable Income Stream Paying More Than Bank CDs and Treasuries

Designer Annuities provide a steady reliable income you can count on. Many can be purchased for yields 5 times greater than a one year Bank CD.

So if you are stuck in the 1% to 2% world of Bank CDs or the 2% to 3% world of long term Treasuries, you can become unstuck and enjoy the safe income streams offered by these designer annuities. Your money will grow faster and/or you will have more of it to spend with the higher yields offered by our designer annuities.

They are issued by top rated insurance companies, names that you know. Many of these companies have been around for 100 years or longer.

Designer Annuities can be perfect for self-directed IRAs 401(k)s Trust and Custodial Accounts. They can be used to fund charitable pledges for pennies on the dollar and for those seeking current or future income.

Our Designer Annuities are Offered by Top Rated Insurance Companies
Our Designer Annuities are Offered by Top Rated Insurance Companies
You can sign up for the Safe Income Strategies Offering list at
You can sign up for the Safe Income Strategies Offering list at

Designer Annuities

Designer Annuities are also known as structured settlement annuities. They are created as part of a settlement of a law suit. These annuities are designed to meet the needs of a beneficiary, and differ from off the shelf annuities issued by insurance carriers. No two structured settlement annuities are identical. The timing, amount and structure of the payments will vary. Each beneficiaries needs are different, the annuity is designed around those needs.

Some people need income right away, others can defer it for a number of years. Future events, like college tuition, weddings, buying or selling a business are factored in. In addition to regular monthly payments, large lump-sum payments can be incorporated into the payment plan to cover these events. Some designer annuities plan for inflation. Payments may increase every 12 months, say by 3%, so the recipient has increasing cash flow to deal with inflation.

Designer Annuities have No Surrender Option
Designer Annuities have No Surrender Option

No Surrender Options

Once payments have begun, the Designer Annuities have no surrender options. The beneficiaries are stuck with a contract they cannot surrender. Insurance companies have locked in a long-term low interest liability, and they are earning more money off the premiums it receives for the structured annuity, than it is paying out to the annuity. beneficiary. That is how insurance companies make money. They are unwilling to give up this spread. An early surrender could result in them incurring loses. This is unfair to other policy holders.

Circumstances change and people want or need cash now. A lump-sum of cash can be used to start fund or buy a business, fund a dream project and buy a home or pay medical bills.

Deliberately flies under radar
Deliberately flies under radar

Cash Out Solutions for Structured Settlement Annuities

This is where we step in. We provide a lump-sum of cash for all or part of the future annuity payments. We buy these payments at a discount from people who are desperate for cash now, and you get an exceptional return.

You have never heard about this because it has not been available to individual investors. It has been a closely guarded secret of a small group of originators. They are making hundreds of millions in profits every year is this mufti-billion dollar niche market that has deliberately flown under the radar. The originators and the people who know about the niche have had no incentive to tell you and they are under contract not to tell you.

The Originators won't talk to you anyway, unless you individually have $60 million a year to invest. It is just not a good use of their time. They can call a hedge fund, and move a $50 million portfolio in 5 minutes. In many cases they don't even have to call. The Hedge Fund has already agreed to take all transactions that meet certain minimum criteria. An individual with $50,000 to invest could take up to an hour of their time.

Designer Annuities Wholesale vs. Retail

You cannot acquire a designer annuity directly from an insurance company. Even if you could, they would not sell it to you at a 5% or better yield. Maybe at 2% to 3%, but not at 5% or better.

We offer these yields because we buy them at a discount because we are providing a surrender option where no surrender option exist, to people who want or need that surrender option. It is a win-win situation for everyone. The seller gets the needed cash, you get an above average return without the downside risk of stocks and commodities.

Structured Settlement Annuities are Court Approved
Structured Settlement Annuities are Court Approved

Court Approved Structured Settlement Annuities

Designer Annuities are also approved by the courts. They are looking out for the best interest of the beneficiaries.

When we acquire these designer annuities, the Court also approves the transfer and assignment to you. The Court makes sure the seller has a valid reason and need to exchange the payment stream for a lump-sum of cash now. Court approval also validates the assignment to you.

The Insurance Company then sends all future payments directly to you. You'll know exactly what you will receive. When you will receive it, and for how long you will receive it.

Profit from my 35+ years experience in the Financial Services Industry

Bruce E Cox CPA
Retirement-Toolbox LLC
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Philadelphia PA 19116



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