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Why Detroit is the best and worse place to invest in real estate.

Updated on October 11, 2009

The real Detroit

A very ugly house.
A very ugly house.

Detroit; The real undiscovered country.

I was born, and raised in Detroit,Mi. I have been investing in real estate there for several years. I have an intimate knowledge of the people, economics, & the real estate market. I want to give the world a realistic idea of what is really going on in the city of Detroit. Everything I have read on the internet about investing in Detroit real estate is misleading. Either the content is overly pessimistic or way too optimistic. Before you even think about calling a real estate agent you need to read this hub.


Detroit real estate can be a gold mine for some investors, or a deep money pit for others.

Detroit, Mi hate it or love it. Its heavily segregated, a vast majority of the residents have poor credit, the city is plagued with crime, the local government is too corrupt, the school system needs improvement, blight has invaded neighborhoods, and etc. I could go on and on, but the city is still highly profitable for real estate investors.

By my estimates 70% of the cities residents prefer to rent oppose to owning. I have met landlords who have told me tenants have paid off their mortgages from living in their properties so long. Detroit does have several nicer areas to live. Sherwood Forest, Rosedale Park, & Palmer Woods to name a few.

The city has the potential to recover, but with all the racism in the Metro Detroit area many large companies do not want to do business here. Detroit is a very large city but it lacks the necessary industries to make it thrive. I have friends who live right next door to Detroit in Windsor, On. When they cross over to visit me they frequently complain how we have to drive so far to get to places. Its sad to say Detroit only has 2 major restaurant chain sit down restaurants, and there both on the edge of the city near the waterfront of the Detroit River.

There are no Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, Chilis, Paneras, Max & Ermas, Red Robbins, outback steak houses, & etc in the city You have to drive into the suburbs to visit them. Detroit also lacks major shopping mails, major food chain grocery stores, fitness centers, 7-11, Tim Horton's, The Detroit Pistons don't even play in the city, and so on and so forth. Until these issues are addressed the cities growth will stand still. Despite the fact we have 3 hotels with casinos, new stadiums, and development occurring downtown. The traffic comes from the suburbs, and promptly leaves as soon as the show is over. Detroit has become a transient city.

Even though the city has more than 3 strikes against it. For some reason people like living in Detroit. Many have moved, but several hundred thousand have stayed behind. The most damming part of investing in Detroit, Mi is too many real estate investors are in Detroit. All investors want a good quality section 8 tenant, but there are only so many vouchers out there. The city now has a ton of nice rehabbed homes, but a smaller pool of high quality tenants to choose from. You really have to know marketing in Detroit if you want to survive. Because if you run out of cash, you run out of luck....

I have stumbled upon too many articles, and press releases ill advising investors about Detroit. They give you the impression that every rental property you buy will yield up to $1000.00 in rent. That is not a realistic estimate. If many Detroit residents could afford that, they would have moved long ago with the others. Check out the demographics of the city by visiting Detroit demographics there you can see what kind of income residents have.

By far the biggest drawback to owning rental property in Detroit are the taxes. Detroit has one of the highest millage rates in the nation. I am currently disputing an S.E.V(state equalized value) because the city raised the taxes so high it doubled the amount of the mortgage payments. I took the battle to the states tax tribunal, because Detroit rarely rectifies the problem. So once you factor in P.I.T.I. (principal,interest,taxes,and insurance) you may end up showing negative cash flow. And after you buy the property the taxes will go up again. Do the math before you make the offer on the property. The deal may not be as sweet as you thought.

Another major hurdle you have to overcome in investing in Detroit real estate is shrinkage. So many investors spend a lot of money rehabbing a house, and soon as the contractor leaves for the day the house is broken into. These burglars work very fast. They will steal every new window installed,kitchen cabinets,sinks,toilet,copper pipes,furnace, hot water tank,bathroom sink,vanity,security doors, and anything else bolted down. And they can accomplish this in a few hours.

Your material ends up on the black market, in someone else's garage sale, or in a hole in the wall mom and pop hardware store. The stolen material is then resold to a contractor, and for the most part they know its stolen goods. You may even end up buying back some of your own material if you don't pay close attention.

The neighborhood where your investment property is located is watching everything. Most of the time a neighbor has a hook up with someone, and lets them know about the vacant house full of treasures. Some of these thieves are crack addicts and will break in, and even try to steal the bathtub. One was so stupid, and petty they stole a vinyl downspout off one of my rental properties. This problem occurs all over the city. Even in some of the better neighborhoods.

Unfortunately this problem is so overwhelming the police does not have the budget or manpower to keep up. Last year in the summer Detroit had a huge rash of thieves stealing catalytic converters from cars. The thieves were getting several hundred dollars from steal yards for the catalytic converters. They stole my converter from my Kia Optima. When I filed a police report I learned the thieves even stole 35 in one night from the parking lot of the homeland security office. What was the police doing about it? Nothing except taking reports. They had more important violent crimes to deal with.

I stumbled upon a blog from active rain that mentions Detroit's latest attempt to suck money from property owners with boarding fees. There doing this because Detroit has a huge deficit, and they are desperate for money. For more info about Detroit's new vacant house rules

Flipping a house has become an extreme challenge in Detroit. Mortgage lenders have completely red-lined or blackballed the city. Its mainly racially motivated because Detroit has an 86% black population. Which they contribute to all the mortgage fraud,appraisal fraud,home inspection fraud, and violent crimes. To be successful you want to focus on lease options, private mortgages, and avoid land contracts or installment sales agreements.

Land contracts in Detroit are almost like renting a home. If the buyer defaults you have to evict them by going through the whole legal process. Detroit is known to have professional rent evaders. They will move into a rental property pay the first months rent, and try to live there for free as long as legally possible. Then move on to the next free home. Because Detroit's residents have the worst Fico scores in the State its hard for the average landlord to screen tenants. I developed my own unique techniques for weeding out bad tenants. I will include a whole chapter dedicated to "Ghetto Land-lording" in my new ebook "how to survive & be profitable in high risk Ghetto cities or neighborhoods.

I decided to write the book after reading dozens of real estate books, taking classes, and going to real estate seminars. No one was telling the whole story of investing in cities like Detroit. I don't believe any so called guru has the balls to tell you what's really going on. Especially since investing in High risk areas are very racially motivated. These people all want to be politically correct or are afraid of being labeled for telling the truth.

To avoid the ominous plague of burglary to your investment property follow these tips.

Detroit is full of uncaring people ready to take advantage of anyone or anything that has a weakness. This also includes a newly rehabbed vacant house. These thieves burglary skills are not to be reckoned with. Your property needs to be "Richman Proofed" to avoid financial losses.
  1. Install security bars on the inside of the windows of the house, heavy security doors with motion detecting lights, and dummy surveillance cameras. This will stop the burglar cold after breaking out a window to get in. They will just move along to another list of targets they have.
  2. One investor I know places homeless people from suburban shelters in their properties. They don't use city residents because too many people in Detroit have poor ethics, and they don't care about others. A Detroit bum is more highly motivated to rob you blind.
  3. If your next door neighbor is decent ask if they will park their car in the driveway or in front of the house. Install lights on timers as well. This deception fools vagrants into believing its occupied.
  4. Avoid placing bandit signs or for rent signs out. This is a red flag to thieves that its open house to spoil, and plunder.
  5. Do not board up the doors & windows. This will attract squatters, vandals, and burglars. The city of Detroit has began fining property owners for not boarding up dilapidated houses. Its better to begin the rehab as soon as possible, and follow my tips above. If your property becomes home to squatters you have to go through the whole messy legal process to evict them, and that can sometimes be expensive.

The Detroit area told like never before.

For example one of Detroit's biggest issues is public transportation. Many residents work in the suburbs. For those who don't drive riding the bus to work can be tedious. I was without transportation once when I was 21. I had to transfer from 6 different buses before I made it to work. The whole trip took over 90 minutes. Several years ago Livonia Michigan discontinued the SMART bus service in their city. Many people considered this racially motivated. At the time Livonia, Mi was considered to be the whitest city in the nation. It all started when Wal-Mart wanted to open a store in Livonia. The city did not want it there. The city councils view was Wal-Mart would bring crime, and peril to the city. The truth is they didn't want ghetto "niggas" from Detroit working there or shopping there.

Wal-Mart recently opened a super center in Dearborn, Mi a city next door to Detroit. Its the only super center in Michigan that's not open 24 hours. In fact it closes at 10:00 PM. They obviously don't want to make the same mistake K-Mart made in Detroit. K-Mart opened a Super K open 24 hours on Detroit's West Side several years ago. The store was very busy, but it had a huge amount of internal & external theft. A friend of mine worked as a manager there while it was open. He predicted the store wasn't going to be in business for long. When you have 65% of employees walking out the door with stolen merchandise every night your doomed to fail. It eventually closed, and Home Depot took over the building a short time after.

Hard Money Gets Soft on Real Estate Investors.

If you plan on buying a diamond in the rough using hard money loans you may be in for a surprise. Hard money lenders have changed their guidelines, and are acting more like conventional mortgage lenders.
  • They require higher Fico scores than before. Some as high as 700.
  • They want full documentation oppose to traditionally going with stated income.
  • Many are telling you where the house has to be located, and how its built.
  • Some lenders want either 6 months of mortgage payments in a reserve bank account, or up to a 20k line of credit at your disposal.
  • Even with a higher Fico score your still paying interests rates above 15%.
  • They expect you to pay out of pocket for closing cost.
  • Some lenders even want you to pay higher amounts for earnest money deposits.
  • They have cut their LTV ratio as low as 40%.
  • In my opinion these are not hard money lenders. This is what I call new on the block rehab lenders very scared to lend money, and they have to lend because money sitting still won't generate a profit.
    Here is a list hard money/rehab lenders

Richman's Top Ten Do's and Don'ts to acquiring investment property in Detroit.

  1. Buy the neighborhood not the house. Some blocks are better than others, and many higher quality tenants would much rather live on the nicer block.
  2. Purchase a brick house oppose to frame. They will appraise higher, and many people prefer to live in a brick home over frame.
  3. If you buy a frame house install new vinyl siding on the house. Don't be cheap trying to paint it. The siding will also better insulate the house, lowering energy costs.
  4. Avoid buying a 2 bedroom house they are too hard to rent, and even harder to sell.
  5. Try to locate a home with at least 2 full bathrooms. A home with more than 1 bathroom will rent or sell significantly faster.
  6. Before buying with hard money make sure you can refinance the loan. You do not want to be stuck with a huge mortgage payment you can not get out.
  7. Look for discount real estate in near by cities like Southfield, Mi. Southfield has become a twin city of Detroit. Condos, houses, and townhouses are selling for dimes on the dollar.
  8. Be real careful hiring contractors to do work in your property. I have had equally bad experiences with contractors whether they are licensed or not. Ask other real estate investors who they have had success with.
  9. Never go into a vacant rundown house alone. Go with the contractor and agent. This way the contractor can give you a better cost analysis of what the repairs will cost. I would highly recommend you carry a gun while looking in these houses. You never know what someone in Detroit is using a vacant house for. Dog fights, drugs, prostitution, warehouse for stolen goods, and anything else you can imagine.
  10. To save time take a foreclosure bus tour. I met the founder of the company at a real estate workshop. The idea is spreading like a wildfire. Other cities have began doing it too. The benefit is there are usually other real estate professionals you can network with. Mortgage brokers, real estate agents, insurance agents, real estate lawyers, and many others.

Michigan Residential Lease Agreement kit

Michigan Landlord Premier Residential Lease Combo Package is a Must Have for any Landlord in Michigan.

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Michigan residential lease agreement kit

Bloomberg News Blames GM for Detroit's Blight.

Back in December of 2008 Bloomberg News wrote a press release blaming GM for all of Detroit's Blight. Obviously the authors know nothing about Detroit.Click here to read Bloomberg Blames GM. I replied back with the following email.

GM is not responsible for Detroit's blight. It's actually a combination of factors. Detroit started decaying after the massive white flight that took place during the 50's 60's, 70's, and early eighties. The city was left to a population full of disenfranchised blacks, most didn't have an interest in taking care of the city, and the few who did lacked the funding. Detroit is going to continue suffering until it is racially balanced again. Its over 86% black, and only 12% white.

Chicago and Atlanta both have more whites living in their cities than Detroit, and have the necessary industries for the city to thrive. I am a real estate investor in Detroit. I can tell you as fast as a home is rehabbed its broken into and all the new material is stolen. How can anyone financially try to keep up with this?

The city has no department stores, Wal-Mart's, Meijer's, Kroger's, Macys, JC Penny's, Sears, and etc. you have to travel to the suburbs to go to these places. What large US city do you know of that has similar living conditions? The businesses that are here are mostly owned and operated by Arabs. They own just about all the gas stations, liquor stores, grocery stores, and mobile phone stores. They saw an opportunity and made a fortune on the racial segregation that exists in Detroit.  
A city that once accommodated almost 2 million people now only holds less than a million has a huge problem with dilapidated houses, commercial buildings, and vacant lots. The city doesn't have the financial means to tear them down. And even if they did, then what? The city would be reclaimed by nature, and look like a ghost town. I formed a group of investors last year to try and bring some of these franchised businesses in the city. I was told by every company's franchise representative I spoke to; that they have no interest in developing a market in the city of Detroit.

It's obvious these companies don't want to market towards a major black population. Although developers have spent millions renovating downtown they haven't spent any money trying to renovate the rest of the city. In fact that's the only time I see whites in Detroit is when I am traveling downtown. It has the largest police presence I have ever seen, and that's due to the fact whites hold a majority of the jobs located in downtown. And many of them live over an hour away from Detroit.
I have tried on several occasions to purchase commercial buildings in the city, but have been hindered by the city. They create so much red tape to cut through its almost as if they don't want the city to be revitalized. Taxes are too high in Detroit for businesses and property owners that's just another reason why Detroit continues to decline.
Let's take Southfield, MI as another example. Its heralded as being a twin city of Detroit. In the 2000 census it was more than 54% black, and as of today by my estimates its in the high 60's.  In 2001 Southfield elected its first black female mayor.  Property values have dropped dramatically since the mortgage bubble burst more than any other suburban city. I am in the process of buying a condo that was once worth 150k for only 10k (values similar to Detroit). As more and more blacks fled from Detroit to Southfield, more and more whites fled further out to other suburbs(Southfields white flight). I have noticed several business leaving the area, and some just closed their doors. Businesses that once had a diverse work force of people(from all different walks of life) have now been replaced solely by blacks. Auto Insurance rates are just as expensive in Southfield compared to Detroit .

The list just goes on and on. In 2 decades Southfield may be identical to Detroit unless someone steps in an puts the situation under control. My point is the metro Detroit area has too much racism. The end result of this lack of love & compassion is showing its ugly face in the form of economic decline. Until this unattractive issue is corrected things are only going to continue getting worse.

GM is having some impact on the cities economy, but Detroit was already in a Lurch long before The big 3's financial crisis took place.

Richman's recommendations for the city of Detroit's recovery.

  • Large corporations should be investing in the city. Not the metro area suburbs.
  • A local government that functions, and is not more than 20% corrupt. (we know corruption exist everywhere but too much of it hinders progress. Even Jesus had to deal with corruption with Judas stealing from the collection box.
  • Whites moving back in the city. Too much wealth has left and needs to return.
  • More small innovative businesses need to have a presence in the city.
  • Special lending programs tailored to small business start ups whose home office will be located in Detroit.
  • Attract foreign investors to invest in the cities economy.
  • Legalize prostitution in the city. Detroit has a large amount of taxable income being loss to prostitution. Since the economy has taken a dive more women have turned to the oldest profession in the world to pay their bills. its legal in Canada, and they brought the casinos to Detroit to capture money that was going to Windsor. Since they have already legalized gambling they might as well take the next step.
  • Massive tax cuts for businesses, and raise the local income tax 1%.
  • Reform Detroit public schools. The administration is corrupt and incompetent.
  • The state needs to use more of the funds generated by the lottery to fund Detroit public schools. The largest volume of ticket sales originates in the city, and Detroit receives the least amount of funding.
  • Detroit loss millions of dollars of federal grant money when the population dropped under 1 million. This needs to be addressed.
  • Initiate special neighborhood programs to help lower crime in the city.
  • Detroit has some of the worst streets and roads in the state, they need repairing.
  • Residents and suburban residents treat the city like a land fill. Detroit needs cleaning up.
  • The city needs a recycling center, and should focus more on becoming green.

Detroit houses located around the Jefferson Conner area.

mostly likely used for drugs.
mostly likely used for drugs.
Pay close attention to the roof.
Pay close attention to the roof.
looks like an insurance job.
looks like an insurance job.
A newly built nice home located in the middle of the block.
A newly built nice home located in the middle of the block.
The developers should have obtained the whole sub division before building.
The developers should have obtained the whole sub division before building.
Brick homes are a best bet to restore.
Brick homes are a best bet to restore.
Typical ghetto backyard. Probable stolen.
Typical ghetto backyard. Probable stolen.

WDIV Channel 4 news talks about short sales.

UDW Testimonial #1 Detroit Real Estate

Detroit Real Estate Investment Property - Investor Helpers, LLC

Beginning Investor Seminar by Detroit Real Estate Investment.

What are you thinking?

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    • profile image

      Susan 17 months ago

      A word from me. Beware! Stay out of Detroit! Detroit is very dangerous. You could be here one minute and gone the next. Stay OUT!

    • profile image

      Bryan 2 years ago

      Hi Max

      I read your article, and is exactly what you say about Dedroit, and it didn t changed for what I see, july 2015 now, I can write a lot about my experience as an investor when I decided to come to Dedroit, to work in rehabb in one of my properties, but I will make my story short, I m living a nightmare, the city are rude doesnt have compasion with you, the taxes are to high for properties that cost me penny on the dollars, and I already spent thousands of dollars in rehabbing, and thieves came 4 times and broke board ups and took away things from the house. Contractors,property management companies, workers with license or no license want to take advance from you, some of them take money and run, and but they talk to you promise you the stars and the moon, they say they are the best, but once they get the money the work start in delays.

      God know how I saved my money to work in this projects working so hard for years. I feel afraid almost all the time in most of the areas, maybe other investors are lucky, I MET one investor HERE, he is making money but he have a very hard times as I see but to survive in this environment he hire people who act like his body guards, has dogs, gun, and the most expensive security alarm company to protect him self and his investments, and he act like a poor driving an old truck to no attract thieves, specially when he need to go where the cheaper properties are. Anyway he has brain to survive, and of course you can find nice areas where you feel safe I m living in this area call Grosse Pointe, where people are nice but you will not find cheaper property here, at least you have the strategy, and the money to afford it . I m just tired and want to leave Dedroit, I had advices no to invest in Dedroit, but I didnt listen, I thought my experience was going to be different, the other day I hear that an Australian investor was killed for his tenant s boyfriend, because his girlfriend wasnt paying the rent, and the list go on and on, in the News or wherever you go.

      I just wish to others investors to have fun and enjoy in what they are doing, because in my case I just want get out of here as an investor.

      Wish you all happy investment!

    • profile image

      BLM 3 years ago

      Hey very interesting article - I used to visit downtown Detroit annually for my vacation - yes honestly and I found many people both black and white friendly - I felt at home. crazy I know as I am English and only stopped coming annually as the B1/B2 visitors visa I need to come over was cut from 5 years to 1 year in validity plus the process to get it (due to security rules and what have you) has gone up from a month to 6 months plus all new hoops to jump though that cost money meaning before I even look at buying a flight to get this visa I have spent $500.

      Alas I can't justify those costs so last few years been spending my tourist dollars that I feel your city could really use in other places that don't put me through that.

      However reason I find myself hear today is I would like to revisit but for longer time span more far apart to justify the visa costs and that is why I wondered how much a house would be downtown that I could rent to friends to keep it safe but also stay with on my trips.

      However I have no idea of the costs or taxes etc... reading your article has made me think it's not viable but want you to know I do care about Detroit and personally wished I could visit more3 often.

    • profile image

      Ian Watts 4 years ago

      I work with Real Estate Investors Worldwide and have written a Free Ebook - International Investor's Guide to Investing in Detroit Income Properties that may be helpful. It can be downloaded for free at: Again, it is totally free and there are no catches.

      Detroit can definitely be a challenging place. But, out of difficulty are some of the greatest opportunities. Hopefully, this will be helpful for those who are seriously considering Detroit investment opportunities.

      Ian Watts - Your Detroit Real Estate Investment Partner

    • profile image

      Steven B 5 years ago

      I enjoyed the blog info - still applicable despite the age of the post.

      There is a theory in Criminology called "Broken Windows" that in part states that human beings are conditioned to react to their environment, so if an environment is full of violence, crime, prostitution... the individuals living in those enviroments will tend to accept these as norms - the City of Detroit in its decline is seeing this - one decrepit abandoned home leads to two - then a block, then a few prostitutes move in and it spreads- broken windows further goes on to to say if people have no long term personal investment in the place they live they will show no pride in living there - so you can fix up a building and get tenants but the tenants and the disenfranchsied community will ruin it as they have no vested interest in keeping it nice and the surrounding community doesn't see it as having a place as it no longer fits the norm of the environment they live in.

      I've often marvelled at the amazing architecture and incredible century plus homes in detroit but and thought how nice it would be to invest in one; but I find their to be little pride or hope left in Detroit just many broken windows whose residents and political powers, city, state and federal continute to ignore.

    • profile image

      SouthBendSunsetArtist 6 years ago

      ...on placing suburban homeless in your investment: Can you put me in contact with your friend who does this. How do you accomplish this legally, and still have the house to yourself when you need it? For example, I do want to live in my house, but I work overseas and would only be home maybe a couple weeks a year, but I want my private house at that time, but also would feel great helping a needy person letting them live there while I'm gone at the same time. It'd be mutually beneficial.

    • profile image

      M W 6 years ago

      I live here and will be moving. I am a real estate agent as well. Unless you have a lot of money and a lot of time on your hands don't waste your time. Downtown or Midtown is the best places to buy property but it is sold out. They will not fix up the inner city until downtown is fully develop. Forget what you think there going to do I have been living here for 37 years and am verse on local politics...(THEY ARE NOT GOING TO FIX THE INNER CITY UNTIL DOWNTOWN IS FULLY FURNISHED) so please do not waste your time.

    • profile image

      Antônio Fernandes 6 years ago

      After I read this I gave up. Detroit is rubbish, it's not like 3rd world countries, it's worst.

    • profile image

      Floorsweeper 6 years ago

      Hi Max

      Thanks for the heads up, I am a wannabe international investor and have been looking at Detroit properties, and so I guess its lucky for me that the US Realtor's in Detroit are really slack at contacting international investors such as myself.

      From reading your article it has given me a clearer picture behind the scenes, of what's really going on and it sounds to me that you should be running for local election.

      Every culture has their bad apples & I guess what you say must be true, I would not know I have only seen some despicable things on the internet regarding African Americans peoples but across the entire USA and its sad.

      From what I can see the majority of these uncouth members from this race of people has no respect for others & their property or human life particularly the younger ones, which seem to have a herd mentality when it comes to adequate or higher education, gang influence, being trigger happy & open victim bashing, aggressive behaviour, no respect for authority, poor ideals of women & a hand out or hand over attitude.

      This belittling attitude effects the local economy but other cultures as well when they see this stuff glamorized on T.V in movies or on the music charts and think its cool, its the way to be & how to behave - and that's not good, for anyone.

      On T.V & Other media, I have often seen the black African American community openly expresses racism and differentiation against white skin, ultimately separating itself from the every other population they then cry the "poor & black song" loudly complaining they are the victims of racism. Prejudice & racism against whites is still prejudice & racism, after all white is a colour too.

      And its not just on the internet, but even well known African American comedians often use this as a form of humour in Hollywood movies?? - And expect the rest of the world (that BTW the rest of the world is not American) to find the funny in it.

      I'm dark skinned I'm not black, but I'm not white either and I don't find those things funny and I don't like seeing these people behave like that - no wonder no one will take them seriously & ever other black person that tries to make a life for themselves has to work twice as hard - It's mental

      Now it seems investing in Detroit seems to be more costly and dangerous than ever before - How can any international investor seriously considering investing in Detroit and protect their assets?

      If they invest in these properties, the probability is that these assets will be under attack, and become a nightmare liability.

      I wanted to invest in the American property market, particularly in the Detroit Michigan region, but not at the expense of such a high risk - there needs to be some financial promise in the market place, I will have to look elsewhere

      Max, You are the first person I have ever come across on the internet that has been brutally open & honest about the black truth behind the red white & blue, white image the rest of the world sees - And I appreciate it, and really just wanted to commend you for your honesty..

    • profile image

      Jonathan 6 years ago

      This was a very interesting article but is not dated. I am assuming it was posted over 2 years ago. There is media attention that seems to suggest this market is on the upswing again. I'd be interested in your updated opinion?

      @International Investor - also, you purchased your property quite a while back when prices were higher. If you had purchased at today's prices would you still consider it a bad investment?



    • profile image

      International Investor 6 years ago

      I am a foreign investor in Detroit and have numerous rental properties in the city.

      All my tenants are black and I have no problem with that.

      My properties were refurbished to a high standard before renting. Two and a half years later 60% of the properties are trashed by the tenant. Not thieves and criminals.

      It is so good to read someone telling the truth as the overseas agents in UK selling these properties to non American investors are not giving the true story and selling at 2-3 times the market value.

      I concur with your advice. My visit after purchase( mistake) should have been before!! really left me with a deep feeling that Detroit was a war zone and changed so quickly from block to block.

      I couldn,t understand how people could trash their own neighbourhoods no matter what situation they are in.

      I thought of buying complete blocks then securing them with security people and a secure boundary (gated communities), but was told by my friends over there that it would not work due to drugs,gang warfare, and firearm crime.

      It would be like an armed compound we see in 3rd world countries and that is not the answer, but at least I thought it would be a start to take the city back from these people.

      Your constitution gives you the right to carry firearms but this is causing many problems and they should be banned and the police and courts given more power to do something.

      Detroit Investor

    • profile image

      joel 6 years ago

      Great article, I Live in Detroit for 10 years and couldn't find work for five of them and during the recession. It will be a long time before Detroit is a real functioning city. I now live in Grand Rapids and I'm thankful to be living in a functioning city. I will pray for Detroit.

    • profile image

      Harry 7 years ago

      Please see my webpage on the city of Detroit and please oppose more freeways.

    • profile image

      detroiter313 7 years ago

      The solution isn't a local government that functions. It won't. It's too corrupt and broke at the local level. The solution is having the Governor step in and amalgamate Wayne County and maybe even Oakland County into one giant Detroit super city. Did you know that Detroit is only 143 square miles? Los Angeles was amalgamated into a supercity and is now over 1,000 square miles and it did a lot more towards improving statistics, lowering crime and providing a better distribution of public goods and services.

      You want more whites moving to downtown, more equitable distribution of public goods and better services in Detroit proper? Write to your governor that you want the counties amalgamated into a super city.

    • profile image

      detroiter313 7 years ago

      Obviously written by someone who has never actually visited the city.

      Take for instance the point that "Detroit also lacks major shopping mails, major food chain grocery stores, fitness centers, 7-11, Tim Horton's, The Detroit Pistons don't even play in the city, and so on and so forth."

      The GM RenCentre in downtown has an indoor mall, a large CVS for groceries, a large fitness centre, a Tim Horton's (and there are several in downtown and all over the D). Yes, there are 7-11s all over. If you go down Jefferson Ave East several blocks, there's a grocery store in the same plaza as Staples. There's even a Home Depot in Detroit. McDonald's is all over the city including the GM RenCentre in downtown. Why don't you come down and actually visit it so you know what you're talking about instead of basing it on myth and rumour.

      No, you don't have the Piston's in downtown and that's because of politics because it was owned by the same person who built the Palace in Auburn Hills that received taxpayer money for building it. But, downtown has a fairly new Tiger Baseball stadium, a newer Ford Field for football and even the Red Wings arena.

      Yet, Detroit has a lot of poor pockets that turned into thunderdomes and you may need to get a ccw permit to live there because police don't have the resources to service the poorer areas. But, it has a lot of good areas worth living in--Downtown, Midtown, Woodbridge, the Villages, Mexicantown, Palmer Park, Sherwood Forest, etc.

    • profile image

      smiller48 7 years ago

      WOW ! I worked for a mortgage co. and investigated properties in the worst and best areas of the City. Your article is the ONLY article I've ever read that is 100% truthfully. Excellent !

    • profile image

      Interested in Detroit 7 years ago

      It's not racism it's simple economics. The city has been degraded because its residents have no motivation to rehab it. Stop waiting on whites to bring wealth and help the blacks learn to respect property, life and law. White, black or blue if the residents or criminals, debt beats and uneducated...who wants to live near them or invest.

    • profile image

      Mark 8 years ago

      Crime is the problem. When Detroit becomes as safe as it was before the 1950's it will return to prosperity.

    • profile image

      peter williams 8 years ago

      Hi Max,

      I read your hub and I think I will have to read it again to get all the impact of the information you have laid out. I am interested in Detroit making a comeback. I too was born in the ctiy proper, and still have the majority of my family still living in Det. My quesiton to you is how would I go about purchsing some of these blocks that have been abandoned. In many respects it makes sense to look at what can be developed using more land and not just developing homes for people who still can't afford them or better yet keep the neighborhood vibrant. I don't know what I would do with the land at this point but the process of purchasing would help with that. I am clearly looking at the east side which as you know has historically the weakest neighborhoods.


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