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Diablo 3 RMAH Proof of Payment

Updated on June 22, 2012


With the release of the Real Money Auction House - the RMAH - in Diablo 3, people have been selling their items to other players almost nonstop. While there are no official figures on how much money has moved through the system so far, I would estimate the amount of money that has been spent in total to be around 250,000 - a quarter of a million dollars. While this is a pretty high number, considering that Diablo 3 was the most pre-ordered PC game of all time and the fact that almost 20,000 people are playing at any one time shows that my estimate isn't too far off. So with all this money moving through the RMAH, how would the average player hope to earn some extra money simply by playing a game? I'll talk a little bit about proper farming techniques, and how to earn some extra cash from your game. Below are just a few of my many payments from Blizzard.

How Can I Make Money on the RMAH?

I have tried really hard to try and figure out how to properly price my items for sale. While the RMAH is technically designed for auctions, very few players actually use the bid feature. As such, the buyout price of each auction is crucial - you MUST set one if you hope to actually sell your items.

Now, the minimum price for the RMAH is 1.25 USD, and the approximate equivalent in other currencies. This means that if you sell an item for the absolute lowest price available, you will earn $0.21 USD if you cash out to Paypal, or $0.25 if you cash out to your balance. As you can see above, I was able to sell my items for a little more than the minimum price, making a few bucks from some of my sales. Now, I feel as if I was a little conservative with my pricing. The Windforce that I sold, for example, had a large +Dexterity boost (close to 100) as well as most of the other random stats that it can roll. For those that don't know, this is really important as only Demon Hunters can use bows, and dexterity provides an attack bonus to Demon Hunters. I initially tried to sell it for $100 USD, which didn't happen even though it had much better stats than other Windforces selling for $250, the maximum buyout. I dropped the price to $35 USD, which again, did not sell, despite it having some of the best stats on the market. I finally dropped the price to $5 USD, and it was sold almost instantly, which makes me think that I could have sold it for a little bit more, maybe even $10 or $15. However, the fact that I got paid for a random weapon drop in a game that I love to play is a great plus for me.

This means that even if you don't sell an item right away, don't vendor it or sell it on the Gold auction house. You can still get some money for your items.

Since you only have ten auction slots, and each auction will can't be canceled and will have to run the full 36 hour course before it expires, make sure that you only sell items that have really good statistics. I would recommend avoiding selling blues on the RMAH, as they very rarely will have the stat values that make them worth paying real money for. You can sell them on the Gold auction house, and then sell that gold on the RMAH once commodity trading comes online.

Speaking of which, commodity trading has the potential to be even more valuable than gear and weapon trading. The minimum price for each commodity is $0.25, which means that you could stand to make a large amount of money from gems, crafting materials, and rare tomes/plans. Gold has a minimum of $1 USD per 100,000 Gold pieces. Keep in mind that these minimum values are subject to change as Blizzard tweaks the auction house in the future, but this is where they stand now. As such, users should hold on to commodities, and maybe even gold, in anticipation for the release of commodity trading. Keep in mind that the first day will create massive profits for many players, much like the gear trading portion of the RMAH did, but will eventually stabilize as it becomes saturated with items from users hoping to make money from Diablo 3.

If you have any methods for farming, please leave them below and join the discussion about the Diablo 3 RMAH!


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