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Diet Direct Coupons

Updated on March 25, 2011

If you want to try out the products at Diet Direct (see my Diet Direct Review if you don't know about them) coupons are a great way to save some money on your dietary supplements. If you want to save even more money when shopping online, read on, and follow my tips. Btw, they are not only valid for Diet Direct Products, but also for a variety of other online shopping sites.

By in Bulk with Friends

A lot of online or e-shops offer you, the buyer, a discount when ordering in bulk, i.e. many things of the same kind at once. Now, not everybody wants to have dozens, or even hundreds, of the same slim shake at home, but if you can team up with a few friends and order together, you can easily get the bulk rate. The only thing you need to do is to find a few people to form a buyers group, decide who places the order, receives the delivery and distributes the goodies and collects the money in the end. Buying in bulk can save you, and your friends, an astonishingly amount of money. Granted, it takes a bit of organization, but in the end it is a win-win for everybody. And if you don't have friends that are interested in joining in, you can always put up a note on the message board of your local fitness club ;-)


Join their Affiliate Program

No, that is not a sneaky way of saving money, most affiliate programs don't allow you to by via your own referral link, but if you are a regular customer, you can write reviews about the products you use and earn a bit of extra cash from the commission you get. Great places to publish such reviews, if you don't have your own fitness, diet or health blog are Hubpages (The site you are on at the moment, if you aren't already a member, you can >>>Sign Up here<<< and Squidoo (>>>Squidoo Sign Up Link<<<) One thing you should always remember is, that affiliate marketing is all about reputation and trust. Don't just flog the products with quick reviews, build up a reputation in your chosen niche and people will come, see what you have to say and buy via your links.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this hub are affiliate links ;-) But if you like what I wrote, leaving me a comment and rating my hub makes me also very happy ;-)


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    • hospitalera profile image

      hospitalera 7 years ago

      Thanks Cmuckley! SY

    • cmuckley profile image

      cmuckley 7 years ago

      Great tips, as always!