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Different Simple Ways You Can Earn Online

Updated on October 27, 2015
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Online Money

Money is the need of today's world. It is not everything, I understand but it is one of the most important thing today without which it is even impossible to sustain. There are many ways you an earn, but everyone likes to earn easy money. And once you are online you get many ways to generate dollars.

Online Earning

Being online you have ample opportunities to make money online. Though, if you are a newbie then you might wonder if online money is real. And believe me there is a large number of online users who make a handsome amount earning online. There are many ways and opportunities to make money online. The best part of it is that there is no age limit for the workers; even the teenagers or the retired adults can make the money.

Are all the opportunities available on internet legit?

As I stated above there are many ways you can make handsome money out of internet. But remember wherever there are good stuff there are scams as well. There are a number of sites which make you do the specified work but will never pay you for your work.

So, the answer for the above question is NO.

Before you join any program make sure to do a small research about the background and reputation of the program.

Earning Online


Earn with your Online Blog

If you are good at writing on different topics then you can make an online blog and monetize your content. This is a simple way to make money with no or little investment. Grab a blog with Blogspot or create your own blog using Wordpress free blogging software. Write brief description about the topics of your interest (better write on the topics which earn more). Get an adsense account(be sure you're qualified to get an account and apply for it.) and monetize your content.

Remember in a blog you convert your traffic into money. More traffic means more clicks, more impressions and more money.

Monetize videos
Monetize videos

Monetize Your Videos

YouTube is an online videos portal. Many of you may not know that you can earn with your videos with YouTube. This is a simple thing everyone can do.Normal users like you and me can make money monetizing your videos.

Capture videos you find are worthy to share, do some editing(in case it requires or if you are good at it) and monetize them. If you are good at singing record your song cover clips and upload them to YouTube. Then get an adsense account associated with YouTube and get paid for the clicks on the ads on your videos.

Make sure that you own the videos that you upload.

Online Paid Surveys

This is the simple way users can earn online. There are many sites and companies online that pay the users for putting their opinions or reviews. It is an entertaining way to make online money.

Be sure to read the terms before joining any paid survey sites. This is the place where many scams are found so be wise and join the paid survey sites.


If you are good at anything, you can sell you skills online. Online companies want their job be done in short time and post these to the internet and a freelancer does the job. In freelancing you are your own boss and you can do the job sitting in your own home. This is the best thing i like about freelancing.

In freelancing the jobs ranges from data entry to web designing.

Other Ways

The above mentioned ways are not just the ways to make money online. To make small amount of money online, join PTC or microworking sites. In PTC sites you just have to click on the ads and you're paid for clicking on ads. In microworking you are expected to do small works like signing up in a specified sites, clicking ads etc.

You can even make money answering questions, playing games and even listening to the songs.

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online!

How much can I earn online?

The amount you earn online merely depends on the work you do online. If you are doing micro works you'll earn a little sum of money every day. If you are trying to earn with your blog or YouTube videos, your earnings will depend on the traffic to your content. The most probable way to earn more is freelancing. If you are good at anything, then you can earn a handsome sum of money online.


Which of the methods is making you more money online?

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If you are a beginner on the online world, start with the easy ways to make money. Try almost all the above ideas and find out which works out for you. When you find the best source, be dedicated and you can earn a handsome amount with internet.

Happy Earning!


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    • dipenneupane profile image

      Dipendra Neupane 2 years ago from Nepal

      Thank you for the feedback. Frankly, I'm also a newbie here on this internet world and once I get something worth sharing I'll surely share it. :)

    • profile image

      Supriya 2 years ago

      Great info! Motivated to some extent to make money online. It would be great if you share how much you earn online.