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Different Types of Bogus Online Sellers (Scammers)

Updated on August 28, 2016


Scammer--A Swindler. A person who lie, deceives and commit fraud with the sole purpose of getting any amount of money from anyone.


1. The Pretty Poser-- These scammers steals identities, use photos of pretty and sexy ladies from social media as their profile pictures. They use this tactic to attract victims.

2. The Rush Flash--These type are those who pretend to sell their items in a Rush then blocks you or your number in a flash once they got your money. They use reasons such as; for paying hospital bills, to buy medicines and other emergency situations thus the price of the item they're selling is low.

3. The Sweet Deceiver--These scammers will gain your trust by using endearments throughout the conversation. Their messages are so sweet and nice. They will give you huge discounts, freebies and offer free shipping too.

4. The Urgent Reminder--These Bogus online sellers/scammers will send you tons of messages as Reminders to pay urgently. They will pm/text you that they're currently on their way to the courier's office to send your orders. Once you fall in with the urgency and send the payment, they will give you made-up tracking numbers, then once you figure out that the tracking number given doesn't exist, they've already blocked your number or your fb. Sometimes they'll deactivate their facebook accounts for a while then reactivate it to look for other victims.

5. The Mistaken Identity--This technique to scam people online is the newest. It requires the help of unsuspecting legitimate online sellers/third party.

6. The Refund Promiser--These type of Scammers will be sending you some items (as your orders), they will give you real tracking number from any couriers, however once you received your parcel-the item that was sent will be different from what you've paid for. Example: you've ordered for a bale/box of excellent used clothings but you received one pair of worn out shoes. Once you informed the scammer that you received a different item, they'll say that it was the courier employee's fault- it was mixed up with the other items that they've sent same day. If you start bugging them, they will promise to refund your money instead..then blocks you from their social media accounts, they'll change their phone number too. It's so easy for Scammers to change a phone number. Scammers use a lot of different mobile numbers. The saddest part is no refund will ever happen.

7. The Tricky Hotelier--These kind of Scammers are open for meet ups. They are in to gadgets and high end phones. They will lure you to meet at a Hotel for reasons that he/she is with his/her mom/child/friend who is tired and cant be left alone at the moment. Once inside the Hotel room, you'll notice that the shower is on. Then the scammer will tell you a lot of stories while checking on your item-let's say it's a phone, then will ask to test your device outside the room to get a better signal. Well you, thinking that he/she wont run away because his/her companion is taking a shower, will allow the scammer to go out. Then, the scammer will be far gone before you'll realize that no one is inside the bathroom.


All Scammers/ Bogus online sellers, whatever type they are, share the same goal- To swindle, to steal your hardly earned money. So let us always be careful when transacting with someone online. They don't care about you, they just want your money- whether big or small..:(

What to do

If you were scammed online in the Philippines, whether through online buy and sell sites or social medias, gather your proof- payment receipt, screenshot of your conversation with the scammer, name, address, mobile given by the scammer and any information that will help in locating the scammer and report the matter to the authorities.
Go to NBI Manila's Computer crime division-they will gladly help you to get those Scammers apprehended.

You can also report to PNP-ACG through :
Hotline: 414-1560/ 7230401 local 5513


These listed types of Bogus online sellers/ Scammers are my own description based on my relative's experience and my own. I was a victim of an online Scammer, it made me sad thinking that I was ripped off in broad day light. I wasn't aware by then. I'm sharing these information hoping that if someone encountered such online sellers, they would see the Red Flag and avoid these kinds of people.

Share to Warn others

Share your experience too to warn others. Comment them below. :)


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