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Direct Car Insurance

Updated on June 30, 2011

What is Direct Car Insurance?

Direct Car Insurance, also termed Direct Auto Insurance, refers to buying car insurance directly from an insurance company rather than through independent agents. The popularity of this method is largely due to the internet and the need for insurance companies to be more competitive.

With more and more cars on the roads these days, insuring your car is a necessity. After all, it'll be one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life (after your house). Choosing to buy insurance directly from an authorized insurance company has a number of advantages.

Top 3 Benefits of Direct Car Insurance

#1 - No middle men

You deal directly with the company providing your car insurance. No middle men pressuring you to sign up to a particular policy because it benefits them - you get it all (cover, information, premiums, claims) straight from the horse's mouth. Less hassle, less heartache.

#2 - No middle men commissions!

With direct car insurance there are no independent agents and therefore no agent overhead costs that need to be recovered (through a higher premium). On top of simply recovering overheads, agents need to make a profit to make it worthwhile to stay in the business. Eliminating the middle men and their costs means insurance companies can be more competitive and this means you should be getting a better deal.

#3 - Do it online

You can get direct car insurance quotes online fairly easily these days, usually through the insurance company's website. I purchased a new car last year and went shopping for insurance online. I was able to get quotes from a few different companies using their online estimate calculators and make a decision from there.

Often, to encourage people to apply for car insurance online, insurance companies actually offer an internet only price which means you can save even more! These days you can also scan and submit documentation online.

Funny TV Ad For Budget Direct Car Insurance

Direct Car Insurance! The savings are scary!
Direct Car Insurance! The savings are scary! | Source

My Tips - Shopping Around For An Insurance Policy

  • Always ask friends and family for their recommendations and experiences.
  • Always ask for discounts! The better direct car insurance companies will reward good drivers, people affiliated with certain clubs or if you take out multiple insurance policies. If you don't ask, you may not get it.
  • Read all of the policy details before you sign up - the last thing you want is a surprise exclusion in your policy when you're about to make a claim.
  • Evaluate your needs and ask if policies can be customized to make it cheaper for you if you don't need all of the cover included.


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