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Discipline, The True Friend

Updated on April 2, 2018
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Besides writing, Prachi is also into choreography and web development. She currently speaks Hindi, English, Spanish and a little French.

Discipline leads you to the ladder of Success
Discipline leads you to the ladder of Success

The moment you are done with the advance preparations required to start a home business, this is the time when you must develop one more crucial habit within yourself i.e. Discipline. Wait! I am not trying to express any gross feelings; this is not to criticize or talk about chastisement, which involves leather goods and pain. If you are sensing such things, then you are surely not giving your 100%. There is plenty of time for you to think about these things and keep wandering, when your home business is running on autopilot. So, let us focus here on the main task first and think about all these self-satisfying things later.

We are not discussing about the sorts of punishment that one might receive at school or an institution. No, not at all. We are trying to focus on the toughest and most important of all, means Discipline, which we consider to be old-fashion and regular one. This might sound like “oh..!! What now... Discipline... Ugh!!” It is tough for me to understand, why Discipline has become so uncool and unpopular. Indeed, it must be treated like a good friend or rather a very close friend and you must handshake with it and give it a pat on the back – cherish your home business with it.

Discipline, though the very old-fashioned term, is still a very powerful one that can strengthen you and ease your job by making it more organised. The one, who can help you do your business in the most systematic manner, is surely the best business partner and so does it. It is none other than Discipline that can help you stand out in the million and always clamoring for your focus on it, when you stand as your own boss.

So, now you have become your own boss. OK, great! Being the head, you have the choice to take some time for yourself and go for a drive without taking permission from someone else. Isn’t that great? Well, it is fantastic. The best, one can dream of. But, considering both the sides of a coin,

  • Who else is going to cover your job when you are not available?
  • Whose job will it be to sort out daily schedule and maintain email acknowledgement?

Hmm, now the problem occurs. The answer is obvious, “You” for there is no one else. It is you and along with you, is the Discipline, who will sort out all your potential difficulties at a very fast pace.

Leaving your work behind and going for a day off is not so cool.
Leaving your work behind and going for a day off is not so cool. | Source

If you have booked your tickets and going for a vacation, you have a deadline before which you have to finish your work and even if you are insouciant in maintaining the business activities and letting the work to pile up, you are aware of how long it will need to put those tasks in the right manner and go on a holiday without messing up with your business.

On the other hand, what about taking a day off on a short notice, like you just wake up one morning and feel like doing something entertaining? That is one of the best moments you can have while living up as a boss.

Wouldn’t that day be more relaxing if all work is up to date and well organised as planned?

And wouldn’t you have better chances to enjoy the day in a more fulfilling manner, if everything is functioning smoothly?

This is not impossible; it is feasible if you keep updating it as soon as it asks for it. Your business will go as planned and in the best organised manner, only if you are determined to make it that way. The functioning of your system will be smooth if you keep a check on its parts regularly. Discipline is a great source of help, try to give it a chance to your business and it will always be there to ease your job; it will be on your side at every step as a true friend.


You know what you want and how to get it, so be focused to have it and give the best of your ability. That’s the only way you would never feel regret or guilt.

“Yes, I did it! Let’s go for more” is a much better feeling instead of “Should’ve, could’ve, don’t, didn’t”. Hats off to the way you maintained your relationship with Discipline.

You have work to do and you will always have to deal with it, it is supposed to be done either way possible; so why not get over with it in the most systematic manner possible. Sooner or later, you will realize that things have become much easier to complete than before. No one is monitoring you or asking you to complete the work before the deadline. It is all under your control to make plans and execute them; build your own rules and live with them. Maintain the daily work statistics and there will be a hell lot of time for you to share a glass of wine and watch some movies.

What is your comfort level, when you follow a Disciplinary Life?

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Undoubtedly, we all have some tasks to execute now or then, which we entertain less than the rest of other work and it is surely quite luring to let those tasks left undone for an unknown time. The consequence of that step is that the work gets overloaded, leading to a huge mountain of never ending job. These are those days when we regret that we never turned our head to Discipline and used it to complete the most important jobs. Each of us promise to do the things better next time, but do we really follow this? Well, you know what happens.

Discipline, Discipline and Discipline is the sole friend that leads us to the better way that we always waited for and thought about. Old is gold and so does Discipline. Always remember, Procrastination and Slovenliness are the worst enemies one can have, while Discipline is the only best friend one can trust in.

So, all I can say is Good Luck!

Discipline at all times
Discipline at all times


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