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Retail Service Loyalty Stinks

Updated on December 23, 2011

Retailers and manufacturers take the joy out of shopping

It doesn't matter where you go, They want to know everything about your shopping habits. At the register, now they ask for your email. If they have our email, our address and just scanned what I bought, why must I also carry all the dumb key cards ? Every retailers wants loyal shoppers. Most of us have been trained to become price sensitive because the big box stores buy in volume and pass the savings on, or so we think.

How many ways can we save? To me this is too much to think about.

1. Discount cards on a key ring

2 Email discounts

3. Receipts

4. Mail hard copy flyers, circulars

5. Rebate

6. Frequaent shopper cards

7. Wholesale clubs

If we log online and answer a survey we can qualify for a cash prize drawing, maybe $10.00 off the next purchase. Then every week the newspapers has your Red plum coupons. Some stores give you 48 hours to respond only. I noticed Lowes gives about a week to respond. I am tired of having to strategize my grocery shopping. I don't have the patience or the time. I have tried to be a couponer, but lack the dedication. I don't get any joy strategizing mounds of paper. I also do not need to stock free 25 deodorants. I don't see how anyone can store that much stuff. Things have an expiration date. OK,"free", can be enticing, but my time is more valuable. I can't just run out the door to buy a box of cereal at a store because I have to carry all those discount cards. I do not see men carrying one card. I think shopping should be simple and painless.

CVS is a drug chain that prints out coupons from the register. They are always printing coupons I have no use for or the time limit on it says, 3 days!.The receipt is so long I can't even fold it to fit in my wallet. I wonder how many trees they are killiing to keep their profits.

Another thing I now despise is a rebate. Why can't the manufacturer just sell the darn item without the rebate at the discounted price. I think it is a hassle. I have always mailed in my tech gadget rebates because they are so high. But why, why can't retailers do the paperwork when we make a purchase? The shopping experience is more enjoyable? I almost forgot about those discount whole clubs. I do not see the savings in buying such large quantity. You have to eat your produce before it all rots and you need a 2nd freezer just for meat storage. I can understand if you to feed a family of 6-8, but that is an exception. We eat too much anyways.

There has to be a solution to, simplifiy our hectic lives. Don't print circulars or have silly rebates. Just offer the goods with a lower price. You already have my email, so that means you know what I have purchased. Please send me an email telling me what I will save on my next purchase. You can be sure I will be back to shop. The next time I am in the store, your computers can call up my email and automatically deduct my savings!

If Amazon had a grocery store and they delivered, I would be loyal. I love the way they tell you what you have saved, what you can save and how you don't need to carry a card or print anything. If anyone can do it they can. They have the logistics figured out. My only concern would be quality & freshness of fruits and meat.

If I forgot another method of hassles to save let me know.

Apply the discount at the register

Retailers should give us a discount by plugging in our phone number. We should not have to carry silly little cards. Our phone number is attached to all they information they have on us. When they ring-up our purchase, the discount should be automaticallly applied. The silly notion of filling out printed receipts and or going on-line after a purchase is a big hassle. Retail Loyalty Service should not be based on my shopping habit, it should based on how loyal you are to the customers who choose to shop in your store. Your computer systems know when and what we buy, stop printing 2 foot long receipts that tell us all the coupon savings we will have later. I want the discount at the moment of purchase. A customer is more likely to tell a friend by phone, how much they saved at the time of purchase as they leave the store! There is no excitement after you leave the store knowing you have to log into a computer to print a coupon. Most people are onto the next task once they leave the store. We are all too busy.


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    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 6 years ago from USA

      Jlava I think if more mom's complained maybe the cards would not exist. They could just get a finger print....but who has time?

    • Jlava73 profile image

      Jennifer Vasconcelos 6 years ago from Cyberspace and My Own World

      I agree. I grocery shop at a supermarket in my area that just offers lower prices - no membership cards or gimmicks.

    • alphagirl profile image

      alphagirl 6 years ago from USA

      Hi Nell, I always smell the food and look at the coloring. Milk is one that you have to abide by stamp date. With meats I look at color of freshness. grey means old. Clothing shopping isn't fun when all you do is price compare...I have to for kids clothing. Jeans are the biggest rip off. I was at the gap. $69.99 with a 40% discount for labor day. LOL

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, I know exactly what you mean! I think the biggest con of all is the fact that the sell by date on food for example doesn't actually mean anything to the buyer! I saw a tv show the other night that said, never take notice of the sell by date as its only for the shop staff to remove the goods from the shelf, expiry date only means you should eat it by that date but it is actually fine if you go over, the only date you should take notice of is the eat by date! imagine how much money we would save if we had known this before! cheers nell