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Discount Shopping for clothes and groceries. Buy and sell used things in Berlin- Cheap Shopping online in Germany

Updated on June 26, 2013

If you are planning to move to Germany or have recently moved to Germany, it is important to know the discount shopping centers in Germany. In several countries, many people avoid shopping at a discount store because they believe that they are rich enough to shop at a 'decent store'. In Germany you will be really surprised to see that people come to discount stores in Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche cars. Discount shops do have quality stuffs, but less variety. You will get all that you need for your daily life but not all you want.

Here are the list of discount shopping stores in Germany. You will find them all over Germany.

Groceries (Food, drinks)

1. Lidl -

2. Aldi -

3. Norma-

4. Netto -

5. Edeka -

6. Penny markt-

7. Kaufland (not that cheap, but you get a lot of choices to pick from)

In all the above stores you get all the main food items (including baby food), drinks and sanitary items. Aldi also has discount electronics items. Lidl sometimes sell stationary items too. Lidl also has online shopping facility.

Clothes (Casual)

1. KIK (very cheap shop, but less choice)

2. Zeeman (mainly for children's clothes)

3. Woolworth

4. Ernstings Family (mainly children's clothes)

Clothes (formal)

1. C&A

2. H&M

Glasses and eye testing

Fielman is the cheapest glass store in Germany. They also manufacture their own glass frames and has a fast processing time.

Fast food

1. Turkish Kebab: McDonalds is not the cheapest fast food in Germany. The cheapest fast food in Germany is called a 'Kebab'. It is meat in bread with salad. Mostly kebab meat is beef (called Döner kebab), but there are also shops where you can get kebab with chicken or lamb. If you pay €0.50 more, you can also add cheese to kebab. Cost of the a kebab varies from €1.99 to €3.50, for the same thing depending on the location of the shop.

2. China box: It is the Chinese/Vietnamese noodle box with/without meat. Cost of a china box varies from €1.50 to €3, depending on the location of the shop as well as the size of the box


1. Ikea

2. Baumarkt

neither ikea nor Baumarkt is cheap. What many foreigners do is to buy furniture from second hand shops. They also bring them home and assemble it at cheap rate. For instance in Berlin there are several second hand furniture stores in the 'wedding' district (near wedding train station). They will bring them home for €20.

Another option is to buy it online.

1. Roller -

2. SB-

3. Profi-

Children's toys.

Children's toys are expensive everywhere. They are most expensive in children's toy shops. In order to get toys cheaper, people buy toys from supermarkets. The following shops have cheaper children's toys

1. Woolworth

2. KIK

3. Real (this is a very expensive supermarket, but they have cheaper toys as well as few clothes

4. Online shops - www. or www.

Buy and sell second hand things (used things)

Best place to sell and buy used things (almost everything) is ebay kleinanzeigen. It is not like online second hand shop. Say you live in Berlin, you go to ebay kleinanzegen in Berlin and search for things. If you are interested to buy something, you write to the person (better in German, as most people don't reply back if you write in English. Google translate can help you in that). If you like to buy it, go to his house in Berlin, pay and collect it directly. You get almost everything in ebay kleinanzeigen. (for berlin)

Buy cheap apartments in Berlin.

Chindia Group specialize in assisting foreigners to buy cheap real estate/apartment  in good locations in Berlin and other parts of Germany.
Chindia Group specialize in assisting foreigners to buy cheap real estate/apartment in good locations in Berlin and other parts of Germany. | Source
Eating out in Berlin is not very expensive
Eating out in Berlin is not very expensive


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