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Do You Extreme Coupon?

Updated on May 30, 2012

I have watched the TLC show Extreme Couponing in amazement at how they shop for hundreds of dollars worth of items for pennies! I see them show off their stockpiles and how it takes over their homes and lives and I think to myself, wow, I would never do that because I have certain products / brands I love and only buy those items.

I have however started to purchase our local sunday newspaper and clipped the coupons...but again, I don't use many of those products or they are not the brand I like. Now if I could stockpile some non perishables or personal care items for a local shelter or food pantry, yes, I would definatly do that and donate.

I find alot of coupons that I print from online also. Most all stores take them now which is nice, for a long time many stores refused internet printed coupons.

What about your experiences? Do you coupon? I certainly LOVE the $20 - 30 savings a week that I get using the coupons for items I do use. And its nice to stockpile those items so that I am not buying them as often.

Please comment on what your experiences are!


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    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

      I am a member of the couponing lifestyle. I would never be able to be an extremist, and most of us are not.

      I am an instructor for everyday couponing and I love it. I easily save 80% off of my grocery bill and it helps the family a lot.

      I wish you well on your couponing journey!