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Does Price Determine Quality?

Updated on July 6, 2014
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Does Price Determine Quality?

Does the price of an object really determine its quality? Many people think of this to be true, and expect that the more expensive an object is, the longer it will last or the better it will perform... but is this true? Everyone wants expensive objects because they look better, right? Not many people understand, though, that even the most expensive items can be made cheaply. For the most part, prices for items sold are only determined by the outside appearance (manufacturing), processing and money the company spent on advertisement for the product(s)...

We have all seen an item sold at separate stores before, that is sold for different prices. Depending on where you normally shop, whether it be at a bargain shop, company or brand name store, or online, we tend to ask one question these days... "Can I get this for a cheaper price"? There are considerations to be made when asking this question. It doesn't always matter where you shop for what you are looking for, as long as you know what you want, how it looks, and how it is used.

The price does not determine the quality of an item that you buy at a store. Sometimes you have to pay attention to the way the item looks, or read any descriptions on the packaging or small-print at the bottom of an ad to make sure there won't be any complications with your purchase. Most of the time you should check out who you are buying from since any person can claim that they are selling the item that you are searching for, in perfect condition. When you buy something at a bargain price, the first thing you should do is make sure that it appears to be the same object. If it is an off-brand item, search or ask around for opinions, ratings, or comments or check on the company through the 'Better Business Bureau'. Any object that is packaged, make sure that there is nothing missing from inside, or that it has never been opened or used before. If you are able to test the item before you make a purchase without a warranty, I highly suggest testing it in order to catch minor or major flaws in your item (especially when purchasing second-hand electronics).

***Clothing/shoes- When finding bargained prices for clothing, you want to make sure that there are no stains, holes, tears, hanging threads, or fading to the colors or print. If you can try on the clothing before your final purchase, do it. Make sure you feel comfortable with the material and that it won't unravel once you buy it

***Electronics- make sure you appreciate the features, that the electronic is in working condition, and any other history that may be involved with it

***Toys- Most packing to toys allows you to test toys by small buttons, handles, or other interactive features. Make sure that nothing is missing (if possible to determine) and that the surface may be cleaned amateurly

***Food- When food is sold legally, there should always be information available on what is being sold. Ingredients should be listed in food items that are not naturally existent (for people with allergies, diseases, disorders, or particular eating habits). If you cannot sample a food before purchase, make sure that it is packaged. It is better to be safe when purchasing food to check out a business's health inspection grades and seller history....

These are only helpful tips to consider using during your searches, to purchase something from a seller. I do not suggest opening products in order to test them. This may be considered illegal unless suggested otherwise by the seller. Opening products before they are purchased with your own, personal, legal money, has consequences. Many people fear that buying something from a less known store, manufacturer or company may mean that what you are buying for a cheaper price, means that it is 'not the real deal', or it will break faster, or it's going to look uglier...

For many well-known brands and companies out in the world, there are 'sisters' or 'brothers' to the company. This means that they have created a deal, partnership, or two industries have come together to sell an item. This is one way stores get bargains on their sold items. Sometimes they sell things cheaper, while knowing that they can sell more of it at the same time... having another company to help them out so they don't go bankrupt in the process. It is somewhat more complicated, but all we really need to understand is that in order to find something of good quality for a good price, you don't have to look far. Take a few minutes of your time to search for what you really want, and make sure that you are being safe in the process. I almost guarantee that you'll find yourself saving some bucks when looking for quality products. The price of an object, in no way, determines its true quality nor its performance.

Good Luck!

Personal story:

When I was at the store a couple of days ago, I was walking around and comparing prices between products I have seen being sold at other stores. Each store has items that are cheaper or more expensive than others. I needed a charger for my ipod, which I use everywhere I go (since they are very similar to phones), so I was looking online and at walk-in stores that I normally shop at. I already had an idea as to where I was going to buy my charger since I bought one before at this location. It was the Dollar Tree. I found that Wal-Mart sold chargers for the IPhone for around fifteen dollars. I momentarily debating whether I should buy one from there at all. A friend of mine bought a fifteen dollar charger which broke one month later. I took the risk of buying a charger from the Dollar Tree again because I knew that even though my charger was cheap, the last one that I bought from there lasted me almost one whole year. I am constantly trying to search for bargains, and I always find cheaper products to last almost, if not longer than, items I used to spend more money on. This is a nice way to save up some money for the more expensive things we pay for every day, like gas, bills, necessities, holidays.... Never be afraid to spend a couple more minutes trying to find something for a cheaper price.

- Brandon J Martin

If there is anything that you would like to tell me... please feel free to leave any of your comments below. Thank you.

Do You Think The Price of an Object Determines Its Quality?

Do you think the price of an object determines its quality?

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    • Brandon Martin profile image

      Brandon Martin 6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Exactly! You can still save money while buying an item of top quality. Good job. :) . I wish you the best from your efforts.

    • Davesworld profile image

      Davesworld 6 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

      A friend of mine is teaching me that money can be saved without sacrificing quality by shopping the local thrift stores. Slowly this is getting though my thick skull.