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Does money confuse you?

Updated on July 20, 2011

Does Money Confuse You?

Does money confuse you? - It really confuses me. Money is such a strange thing but without it the world would fall a part. I've being thinking about money a lot for the past 20 minutes while waiting for my food to cook. Money involves numbers so naturally I dislike it as I am not a number person!

I remember when I was a child and had very little money however when I had the money to buy something I really wanted I would do it without a second thought! I am an excellent saver and only ever buy something when I really want it but these days I do not, even if I really want it I hunt around for bargains or wait a few months for the product to go really cheap (I am mostly thinking of computer games here).

I find it odd that when I was a child with very little money I had no problem paying almost £30 for a second hand game yet today when I have a lot more to spend I find it hard to pay that price for a brand new game!

Is it me or does this seem wrong? What is the cause of this? - Have I just grown up and realised there are more important things to spend my money on (no way! lol) or is it simply the fact that games go so cheap so fast now that it feels a waste to spend a lot of money on release day when you can wait a few weeks/months and save yourself a lot of money.

I have spent a lot of money lately, mostly on computer games, so much that I now have too many games to play! However I still got those games at unbelievable prices! I remember years ago when I used to rent games, there was one game I really loved and still do, it was called Final Fantasy VII. I am not joking here but before actually buying the game I must have spent more on renting it than the actual game cost! It was too easy to keep renting it, we had this mobile video rental van that came round and when he came to pick the game up I would instantly ask him "is it due out to someone else? If not can I rent it again please?!"

This of course meant I spent a lot of money on the game just renting! However when I enjoy something that much I do not mind spending the money. I remember one time when he came to pick the game up I was still on it, for any fans who know this part: I was at the Shinra building for the first time and I choose to run up the stairs instead of barging in the front entrance. Now anyone who has played this part will know the stairs take quite some time to get up and it's not that interesting to go that way lol. I got all the way to the top and then the guy called to pick the game up! I turned the game off ran downstairs and asked him if it was ok to rent it out again...He said yes and then I was like "DOH!! Have to run up those stairs again" lol.

I paid for the game again and continued playing, only this time I think I barged in the front entrance :-)

Anyways that's my little childhood story out of the way, I am interested how do you feel about money? Does it confuse you? Do you feel different now about money than when you were a child?

I find it very strange that when I had less money I was happy to spend it but now that I have more I find myself not wanting to spend it. Maybe it's a part of growing up and trying to be more mature and look after my money better. Even though I am a great saver. I remember getting £1 pocket money, most weeks I would put it in my money box, some weeks I would spend 1p of it, I would go in the shop and buy a penny sweet and save the rest...I'm not even joking! What kind of child does that lol?

I also find it funny how money always seems to come to you when you need it or want it, when I was a child and had very little of it I somehow found a way to always buy the latest games, I'm talking back to the days of the Playstation 1 when games were £45 - £50! The new Tomb Raider or Resident Evil came out. I had it! I didn't even like those games as much as I thought I did but I bought them anyways. I honestly don't know how I did it now because saving £1 a week would take 45 weeks just to get one game!! I must of saved up birthday money and other things but even still the amount of games I bought when a child with very little money was crazy!

Share your thoughts on money below, I would love to know what you think of it or any memories you have of it, are you better with money now or were you better as a child?


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    • skywebuk profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago from Leeds

      Thank you skye2day, really nice of you and I could not agree more. There is always another lesson to be learnt :-) and I will continue to thrive upon learning. I would hate to have an easy life, there would be no challenge!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      You keep on helping and listening. You will be Blessed for it. Hugs new friend. I could be your moms age and wisdom has been hard fetched but worth each minute. We never get to flip the beanie to 'I learned it all' in this life. If everything was always fine we would not need to strive to be a better person or share with others how we got through the hard times. God did not promises we would live in a rose garden but to smell the roses. No regrets.. Keep on. Look forward to more reads. ( - ;

    • skywebuk profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago from Leeds

      Thanks for the reply skye2day...funny you mention the last part, I was thinking of selling/giving away the majority of the games I don't love, if I only like them and play them now and again then I may pass them on. It also clears any temptation I have to play them and clears my time for other things.

      I am not yet at the point were money isn't an issue to live, I can't wait for the day were I can live easily and be able to afford to treat others around me. I actually prefer to try and help people with problems by listening to them and talking to them, sometimes I never know what to say but have found just listening is enough. I usually get more enjoyment out of this than I do with anything I buy so I agree with you completely.

      I'll still be a sucker for some games, but the majority of them I can do without, there are only a few games that really appeal to me and that's usually old ones from my childhood. Thanks again for your reply

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Money is a wonderful commodity. Money does not confuse me lack of used to upset me and bring on fear. Then when I truly discovered in my heart that money is only temporary and God will supply all of my needs according to HIS riches and Glory and knows the desires of my heart money it is not important. I know it will get here because God is true to HIS word. He has never forsaken me.

      I was so careless and cocky when I had money and I lost it all. For the Grace of God and His loving mercy and forgiveness I repented and moved forward with a bit more wisdom. I have much to learn lessons are not easy are tehy? I learned God is my source and He has to be FIRST place the rest will follow. He owns it all anyway and we take nothing with us when we go. I would like to have allot of money because I would hand it out. I do that now as I can to help others. Money is a good thing the LOVE of MONEY will corrode the mind.

      Great hub I enjoyed the read. Spend some money and enjoy it because when you leave it will not stay with you. Give to others and God will multiply your money by the truckloads if your heart is right in doing so. When you give you get Blessed. Many would want to be on my Block it I got a truckload. I am Blessed to have peace of mind around money. Glory to God. hugs to you

      Trade in your games or sell or give to the kids in need that is true joy!!