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Dollar Tree Is Now Accepting Coupons

Updated on August 30, 2012

Calling all my fellow Couponers, this is an opportunity that you don't want to miss! Dollar Tree (yes, I said Dollar Tree) is now accepting coupons! I know this seems too good to be true but yes it is finally happening. If you shop Dollar Tree regularly as I do, you know that everything in Dollar Tree is $1 or less. Dollar Tree also has name brand items such as cleaning products and food items. If $1 isn't enough savings for you, try taking $1.00 away from $1.00 and FREE is ALWAYS better! I researched their coupon policy if anyone wants to know. Here is what I found out below.

*ONLY ONE MANUFACTURER'S COUPON WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR EACH PRODUCT IN ONE TRANSACTION. For example: You can't go with 12 coupons for the same product in one transaction and get 12 items for free if you have 12 $1.00 off coupons. You can only redeem one Manufacturer's Coupon per transaction for each specific product. (I hope that makes sense)

*Dollar Tree will officially start accepting coupons on August 26, 2012. Here is what I found out about their coupon policy.

* They will only accept the Manufacturer's coupons. (These are the coupons that come straight from the Manufacturer) If the coupon is specifically for another store (for example Walgreens or Target) they won't accept them.

* They will not accept photocopied coupons so its better to stay on the safe side and stick to Manufacturer's coupons.

* As some may know Dollar Tree also has a website called Unfortunately there will be no coupon codes for the website and the Manufacturer's coupons can only be used in the store only. Most of the items you order from the website you have to order in bulk anyway. FYI: This is a lifesaver around Christmas time or any holiday!

* Coupons have to be visibly intact. They can't be altered or modified in any way and have to be the original!

* They will not be accepting coupons for FREE products or have FREE anywhere on them.

* They also will not accept coupons that have blanks on them where the cost off or price should be.

* They won't accept coupons that are expired and they won't accept coupons if they are not for the specified product which you are purchasing. They offer products at their own discretion and as they have supply.

* The coupons can't be redeemed for more than the specified price on the coupon.

* Last but not least Dollar Tree will only accept coupons on their terms ONLY.

FYI: Dollar Tree's website is a great place to go to buy bulk for classrooms, parties, holidays, family gatherings, themed parties, and more! Have fun Couponing!


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    • Mommiegee profile image

      Mommiegee 5 years ago from Alabama

      I think they are just doing it as a trial and yes this should be very interesting. Thanks for stopping by morningglory24. =)

    • morningglory24 profile image

      morningglory24 5 years ago

      I just heard about that. It that should be interesting!