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Business Idea #3: Virtue Bank

Updated on May 3, 2011

Biz Idea #1: A Bank

When it comes to banking, you don't often hear about a bank that is virtuous. Though I certainly feel that banks should be virtuous and that it is about time that someone jumped out into the finance world and created a financial company that focused on the idea of virtuousity in their mission.

To be Virtuous, one needs to be honest, disciplined, brave and stable. Wouldn't these be great ideals to find in a bank?

Biz Idea #2: Data Bank

With a name like you could create all sorts of interesting and informative sites. One that might specifically useful for the right person, is a site that offers information. Since your focusing on being virtuous about your data bank, your visitors will know that they are receiving honest and trustworthy information when they need it.

Biz Idea #3: Virtue Quotes and Poems

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to look up quotes and sayings. I will search for some of the most random quotes one day, and then search for specific quotes for projects on another day.

A site dedicated to Virtue quotes and poems, could very keenly reach a niche audience of people looking to be inspired. You could specialize in quotes and poems that have to do with Virtue, but also offer other quotes in similar areas. Honesty quotes, valor quotes, romance poems. There is no shortage of quotes out there, and even if there was, you could create your own!

Biz Idea #4: Venture Capital/Angel Investing

If you find that you have some extra money to invest, and you also find that you would like to help others come to a similar state in their lives, you might consider turning into a site where you can offer your services as an angel investor or venture capitalist.

It is definitely virtuous to want to help others.


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