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Domain Registration: What to watch out for when Registering Domain Names

Updated on April 14, 2010

New Domain Name Registration

This brief article will likely mean little to those who already have experience registering domains.  I write this for those who are just starting out and want to own and operate their own websites which I generally refer to as “virtual property”.  Once you find the name you want to own you need to find a domain registrar.

While this would seem like an easy task… often it’s one of the hardest things to decide for those with no experience.  I use GoDaddy in Arizona for my domain registrations because it’s a cost effective solution that affords simply and easy domain forwarding, masking, and redirects.  Of course there are other places to register your domain name, but generally they will be more expensive.  This is why GoDaddy is the largest domain register.

What to Watch Out for when Registering a Domain

The cheap domain name registration may not be so cheap when you dig in and read the fine print.  Be careful!

Don’t get suckered into the “Free” domain with hosting scam.  Sure it might be “free” right up to the point that you decide you are unhappy with the service and want to move your website.  You never want your site and your domain registration bundled.  The reason is when hosting goes bad… and it can very easily, you want to be able to sign up with a new web host and easily move your domain name.  If you use a registrar like GoDaddy you won’t have a problem.  Why?  Because all you need to do is sign on to your GoDaddy account and “point” (essentially type in the new web hosts IP Address) and within a few hours to a day your information will be pointed to the new host.

If you buy a bundled hosting/domain registration package and you are unhappy with the service there is often a HUGE FEE to transfer your domain name.  So the “Free” becomes outrageously expensive.  A few years ago Yahoo was suckering people into using their Web Hosting with a similar offer and they were gouging people on the backend.

So separate your web hosting and your domain name registration.  It’s in your best interest and in the long run nearly always works for the better.  I have used a few registrars and dozens of web hosts.  While the service you get form your web host today may seem good, it could easily go south tomorrow.

Remember your Registrar is nothing more than the place you sign up to “own” the “virtual property”… think of it as a flexible mailing address.  The web host is where your files exist.  Make sure they are separate and protect  yourself.

Again I like GoDaddy… for registration but I do not use their hosting services.  GoDaddy is a little over $10 a year for dot com’s and offers a terrific “privacy” option if you do not want your registration made public for another $10 per year.  This is well worth the cost.  Registrars like are good services, but you’ll pay $35 for the same service that GoDaddy offers for $10.

Tip:  Don’t test your desired domain in the Registration Service until you are ready to buy… if you type it in and it’s not taken you need to buy it RIGHT NOW.  Most registrars will take the name you type in and if you don’t buy it now put it in a queue… then sit on it.  This way they can try to charge you more when you come back to register tomorrow… be careful.  If you are not ready to register I’d suggest just typing the name in a search engine to see if it’s showing up there.  This isn’t fool proof, but it’s better than having your domain name held hostage because you were not ready.

Link: For more free information on Internet Marketing.

Making Good Decision in Choosing a Domain Registrar

Making difficult Domain Registration Choices is easier with this experienced based advice.
Making difficult Domain Registration Choices is easier with this experienced based advice.


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  • sagebrush_mama profile image


    8 years ago from The Shadow of Death Valley...Snow Covered Mountain Views Abound!

    Interesting and helpful explanation. Thank you!

  • profile image

    Brenda Durham 

    8 years ago

    Thanks for this info, MikeNV

  • MikeNV profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Henderson, NV

    You can usually find GoDaddy coupons that are current by doing a simple search for "GoDaddy Coupon" before you are ready to buy.

  • Peter Schermack profile image

    Peter Schermack 

    8 years ago from New Jersey

    I use Godaddy too, they often send me offers to buy domain names at a discounted price. Their check-out process can be a little confusing though - they want you to buy so many additional services from them (I don't). Just click Proceed to cart or whatever...

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    8 years ago from Sunny Florida

    I am pleased after reading you hub as I did use Go Daddy for my domain name and another site for hosting. I am glad to know I did the right thing. Good hub.

  • dugger62 profile image

    Deborah Dugger 

    8 years ago from Colorado

    Thanks Mike

    I am still learning- and sometimes still don't understand it all.


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