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Donald Trump Please Give Me $1 Million Dollars

Updated on July 1, 2015

Open Letter

Everyday of my life I wonder if dreams do truly come true. I have seen so many success stories but I always have my doubts. Wondering if I'm seeing a hoax! Are these lottery winners real people? Honestly, like most people in the world I have never won anything. I don't even know one person who has won anything over $1,000 dollars on a lottery ticket. I'm not the type of person who wants to win anything. I believe that hard work pays off but being apart of the lower end of a middle class family makes me wonder if dreams actually do come true. Which is the reason I have decided to ask Donald Trump to please make my dreams come true and give me $1 million dollars.

This Is Not A Joke!

Now you might be asking yourself who would just ask for a million dollars? Will a millionaire or billionaire really give $1 million dollars of their own money to someone they don't even know? Well actually it happens all the time. A few days ago I read an article on Forbes titled "Want A Million Dollars? Just Ask For It". I read about a guy named Craig Rowin who actually asked for a million dollars and got it. So I thought! The Forbes article failed to mention that this was hoax. Rowin actually admitted himself that he never got anything. I was disappointed at first but it didn't take long for that feeling of disappointment to turn into inspiration. So what if it was a hoax. Maybe it could really happen.

Believe It or Not

Many people are skeptical as they should be. They don't believe that it is possible to ask for a million dollars and get. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't! All I know is that I'm willing to find out. Right now I'm taking a leap of faith. I have nothing to lose. I have spoken to many people about this idea and here are some of the responses I got.

1. You won't get it because your black.

2.Rich people hate giving money to poor people.

3. If it was possible it would of already happened.

4. 1 Million Dollars is too much to ask for.

5.Keep Dreaming.

I happen to disagree with all of these statements...

1.I don't think race will prevent me from getting a million dollars.

2.I believe rich people love giving back. If I had the money I would give a million dollars away.

3. At one time many things were said to not be possible. It just takes believing in the impossible to achieve it.

4.$1 Million dollars is nothing to someone like Donald Trump

5.I actually agree with this one even though it was said in sarcastic way. I'm a Pisces and dreaming is what I'm best at.

Why Do I Think I Should Get $1 Million Dollars

Everybody wants a million dollars! Why do I think I deserve to have that much money? I really don't think that I'm anymore deserving of it than anybody else. I just really want my dreams to come true. Here is what I mean...

My Grades

Paying For School

I am currently a student attending Washburn Tech. I am studying computer repair and networking. I make excellent grades and I know that I will be successful. I have one more year to go before being awarded my Associates degree. I would also like to achieve getting my bachelors degree. The only problem I have is my lack of money. With $1 million dollars I could afford to attend school and come out debt free. I will also have the extra funds to put up to send my own kids to college when the time comes. Its all I ever dreamed of. Being able to graduate with no debt and paying for my kids to have a better education.


My family is another big reason why I am ask for $1 Million dollars. I want to give my family a better life. Right now we live in a small two bedroom apartment. I would like to buy a house that my kids can grow up in. They deserve it. I fear not being able to give them enough out of life. My Family depends on me to provide for them. I don't want a mansion. I just want something comfortable for my Lady and two wonderful children.

Dream Vacation

I am 29 Years old and I never been to Disney World. Okay my inner child wants to go to Disney World so bad! Donald Trump please make my dreams come true and give my family 1 million dollars so we can go see Mickey Mouse. It is also a big dream of mine to get married here. Without your help Donald Trump I think I'll be to old to ride all the rides when I finally get the money and time for this trip.

Why Am I Asking Donald Trump

Donald Trump may soon be the president of the United States. As an American nothing would be cooler than getting a Million dollars from a potential U.S. President. Donald Trump isn't the only millionaire/billionaire I'm asking to give me $1 Million dollars! If anybody would like to make my dreams come true and give me $1 Million dollars I would truly appreciate it. I'm hoping that it comes from Donald Trump himself though. That would be a dream come true.


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      3 years ago

      I bet you Donald Trump is a good guy! He will pay $1Million dollars into my Paypal account! I believe it with my whole heart! Mr Trump here is my Paypal email:

      Thank you Mr Trump

      God bless



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