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Donating Plasma in Dallas, TX

Updated on June 19, 2013

OR at least trying to!

Having been recently laid-off, I find myself in need of some extra cash!

I have been getting this by the usual things like mowing, garage sale, fixing people's computers...

I took my grandmother to the Minyard's grocery store at Lake June and Masters in Dallas, TX... I noticed a building in the same parking lot labeled ZLB Plasma.. Curious as to what it was, I looked it up on the internet when we got home.

What is this place?

ZLB Plasma, recently renamed to CSL Plasma, is a place you can go to donate some of the plasma from your blood. This is different from donating whole blood, like we do at blood drives. The process of donating plasma involves removing your blood, separating and keeping only the plasma (the clear liquid part), then returning the red blood cells to your body! See their link for more information.

People are paid CASH to donate their plasma!

Well, I called them and found out that people are paid cash when they come donate their plasma! At the Lake June, Dallas, TX center, first time donors UNDER 149 lbs are paid $20 cash, then $25 when they come give their second donation WITHIN a week! After that, I think it's $15 per donation allowed twice a week. People OVER 149 lbs get a little more. I don't know those exact payments since I am not in that weight class.

What happens when you go there?

Looked like easy money on the web site, huh?

Well, thinking I could make a quick $20 and do some good for my fellow man, I went to the Lake June Plasma place this morning. There were about 100 people in that waiting room. And I'm not going to be politically correct about this at all.. I am here to tell you facts based on experience.

If you live in Dallas and have ever ridden DART and had to wait on a transfer at West Transfer Center, imagine that environment indoors! That describes the lobby and waiting area perfectly! Mostly black, mostly ghetto type blacks, some white trash, and a few Hispanics.

Basically, there weren't any hippie, yuppie do-gooders there! Everyone there, including me, needed cash quickly! Either for food, vices, whatever.. I needed gas money and cigarettes.. And we were all willing to sell part of our blood for it!

So it seems that better-to-do people freely give whole blood, which is good, but poor people give plasma, for a price, which is more useful for a variety of reasons! Ironic, huh!

So what happens when you get there?

First, get there early.. This will take HOURS! Sign in on the NEW DONOR list.. If you sign in on the Return donor list, you'll just get lost in the crowd while they search for your non-existent file as they have time! I saw this happen to a guy today..

If you can get the attention of one of the ladies working behind the counter, let her know you are new and just signing in. I did this and a very nice lady helped me all day..

You need to sit or stand around where you can hear if they call you!

I got there at 11:00 AM this morning. About an hour later, I was called to the counter to show my ID, SS Card and an envelope proving my residency. She also gave me a paper to start filling out, but took it away before I was done. I said, "I wasn't finished..." She told me not to worry, she would be calling me to a booth soon.. I was sent to go sit and read a binder all about plasma donation.. I was then immediately called to go do a "vein check". A woman put elastic bands around each of my arms and told me to pump my fists.. I had good veins in my right arm and crappy ones in my left one. It seems you need a good, puffy vein in at least one arm to continue through the process.

I already saw this on the website

Next I sat down and flipped through the binder, it was all stuff I had already seen on the web site. I took it back up to the counter and stood and waited. It is now 11:45 and I have been called to a booth! In there, I finished filling out the paper that I started before, my name and info were entered into the computer.

Then we went to another room where I had to put my hands under a thing, take them back out, then my finger was marked with an ultra-violet marker. This was to prevent me from going to other donations center.

The lady told me, "Next you need a physical, but they're about to go to lunch." So I asked, "When will they be back? Can I go eat?" She said, "Good idea to go eat! They won't be back until 12:30."

Lunch Break!

I went to lunch and got back in by 12:30.. I finally got called at 1:30 where I went to a booth again..

Here, I was weighed (135 lbs), my blood pressure and temperature were taken, they poked my finger tip and drew a small tube of blood. The blood was put into a couple of machines, then I was told, "everything was good" and sent to go wait again.

Here is where I screwed up!

Finally around 2:00, I was called by the doctor to go get my physical. I was taken into a private room with another man and a female observer. I was asked a lot of questions, and everything was going well, until this one... "Do you have any asthma or allergy symptoms" I made the mistake of saying that I do have allergies, a tickle in my throat, that I get after mowing..

I was told that due to my allergy symptoms, I could not donate that day! It seems that taking plasma from me, which help fight allergy symptoms, would make my allergies worse, and also make my plasma weak and useless for their medical purposes. I was told to come back Monday.

I was pissed off!

I had spent all this time in this ghetto Hell-hole, just trying to get $20 for gasoline and smokes! Yeah, I would've bought some beer also, but allergies stop me??

Maybe I am no different, in a way, than the people I saw in there who as soon as they made their donation, got their money, immediately ran out to the drug dealers waiting like sharks in the parking lot! They spent hours in there, to sell their plasma, just to give it up right away on a ten minute high.

Not even sure if I'll go back.

I was told to come back when my "allergy symptoms" are gone.. What a bunch of goons! They're all worried over my allergies but have no concern about the crackheads and drug dealers they are supporting!

UPDATE!! Went back today!

Well, I went this afternoon after work.. I explained to the lady at the counter what had happened to me Saturday. Even though the waiting room was not nearly as full, I was told that the clinic was no longer taking anyone today. I was told to call early in the morning and make an appointment for Thursday!

What a hassle!

This is NOT quick, easy cash! I really no longer need the money for donating plasma, but I think I'll keep trying to just to be able to finish the story and let y'all know how it goes!

New Advice!

Call EARLY and set an appointment if you are a new donor!

If you are close to a plasma center that is NOT on the bus line or in an urban area, GO THERE INSTEAD! The place I keep trying to go to is literally full of druggies selling their plasma for drugs.. I AM NOT making this up!.. I saw them running out to the drug dealers as soon as they got their money for their donation!

From what I read, plasma is VERY important in medicine and highly needed. That is why people are paid to donate it. I just find it ironic that it comes from people who don't care about that at all!


To Go Back or Not?

By now, I already borrowed the money need elsewhere....

Since they turned me down for freaking allergies, I had to borrow money. After all, I will get cranky without my smokes!

My main reason for trying this was so I wouldn't NEED to borrow from others.

I guess I will go try again Monday and let y'all know how it goes.. I'll just tell them my allergies cleared up all of a sudden! How amazing!

Just be warned if you try this...

Pay very careful attention to the questions and say what you know they want to hear!!! Do not tell them even if you have allergy sniffles.

If you HAVE had a new tattoo or pirecing, don't even waste your time! They will NOT take you.

If you're a liberal do-gooder thinking you're helping your fellow man, be prepared to hang in the hood! And you'll be made fun of.. I am a poor white girl, so I blend..

But, sure, you're still helping your fellow man, so come on down!!!

Run your mouth here...

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    • profile image

      miss mac 3 years ago

      I donate plasma and use the money to fund medical bills for dogs I rescue from kill shelters in the DFW area. I have spent 30 years donating whole blood for free. I have a five gallon pin from the American Red Cross, too. But I began encountering issues with donating blood...mostly disrespect or indifference. I have the correct medical profile and very low risk factor as proven, prior plasma donor, as well. It is possible to be honest about allergies and your medical history, and still be able to donate safely, in terms of yourself and a potential recipient.

      I do feel it is worth the effort, and I only donate when I feel like it. Sometimes I only donate once a week. It is important to feel well, hydrated, and eating properly, to do this...otherwise you can walk away feeling like crap for days, and set yourself up for your own illness or infection. I do wish to be compensated for the time and costs of donating, but overall, encouraging the body to turnover the blood stores more frequently actually makes me feel better.

      Most of the people I encountered at Biomat on Gus Thomasson @ Ferguson Rd. are just regular people, and maybe need extra money for bills or other things. I did NOT encounter homeless, ill kept, poor hygiene type individuals. I was treated well by staff and other donors, alike.

    • profile image

      penney 3 years ago

      they are owned by germany they buy plasma in the us thenexport it then sell it back to us at 300.00 a pint fact

    • profile image

      Futamarka 4 years ago

      По краям листа же нанесите девушку сплошной грядкой. Набросав бугорки девушки, незамедлительно прижмите к тонзуре локон, выровняйте поверхность, постучав по нему.

    • Kevy Rae profile image

      Kevy Rae 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Wow! Still getting comments after all this time.. LSmith, you're a self-righteous, first-class, A-hole!

    • profile image

      frank 5 years ago

      Selling plasma is alright, we get 60 bucks a week in Fayetteville, NC--240 bucks a month comes in handy, easy money--I figure, in total, it takes a total of about 10-11 hours a month--that's over 20 bucks an hour for laying down and watching tv while the machine doe's the work.

    • profile image

      sunshine 5 years ago

      before i moved to texas i went to biolife in iowa and usually i was out of there within 45 minutes except for the first time i was there for about 2 hours. they were quick and pretty much painless and very professional. they paid $20 the first time $35 the second time in a 7 day period. i didn't sell my plasma so i could buy drugs i did it to help people who need it and to save monheey to move because i was working 40+ hours a week and had just enough money for bills and gas to drive around as a visit nurse cause my work didn't pay for mileage. i dont live a luxurious lifestyle i live within my means.

    • profile image

      Tenieka 5 years ago

      I've been there and the process is quite long. Before moving to Texas from California I've never even heard of such places. I can agree that some of the employee's are not as proffesional as I would have expected. But I'm quite offended by the" ghetto" and "sistergirl" remarks made in this blog. Because when I'm there there are "white" drug users there too, but we don't know their struggle... my husband and I both have great jobs and have been blessed beyond measure, yet we still donate plasma. So if it just for the money your doing it for the wrong reason and you might wanna check your self before you run into the wrong one. These people can say what they want, because obviously you have.

    • profile image

      ramm66 5 years ago

      To anybody interested in donating plasma for cash it can be easy and painless if you find a good organized center and yes that can be hard to do? The only center i have found to be so is Bio life. Csl is unsanitary and no cares about your time or well being they hire the worst people, DCI is not even organized enough to get you in for a donation, went ther twice and was told to come back because they were to busy and only had two people donating.Bio life is quick, efficent, fast and friendly. Good luck.

    • profile image

      Betika 6 years ago

      Sooo do ppl have to have a s.s to donate plasma?

    • profile image

      LL 6 years ago

      I have donated at this particular center once. I am employed as a medical assistant . I don't not drink or do any drugs. I have two kids to take care of however my husband was laid off about a month ago and we have had trouble making ends meet. This center is always packed with many different races. However not everyone is doing it for drugs or alchol. I was paid $40 for my first donation and have not gone back since. I donated at this center because I need money for bills. But probably would not do it again unless it was for the american red cross.

    • profile image

      j patterson 6 years ago

      hate to say it but yeh it is mostly blacks who are loud, disrespectful and annoying at CERTAIN plasman centers. Try different ones...what can u expect in Pleasant Grove??!! They act like total idiots but dont get me wrong there is no trash like white trash!!!! By the way I am white.....and hate being called racist slurs like " white boy" any black guy would flip if someone called him "BLACK BOY!!"

    • profile image

      Rita 6 years ago

      Yes, people donate plasma to make money. I don't care.

      Why shouldn't people make a little bit of money for their time? It is an involved process and takes time and commitment.

      I, for one, am glad that there are people willing to do this. IT SAVED MY SON'S LIFE. SEVERAL TIMES. When my son was young, he spent 4 years in and out of the University of Michigan hospital with a bleeding disorder. There was no known cause and no known cure. All the specialists could do was treat the symptoms and experiment with different treatments. During this time, he was treated with IVIG, IgG, and IgA, all of which are derived from plasma.

      So I say THANK YOU!!! Thank you to all of those out there who are willing to take time out of their day to donate. Thank you for providing the plasma that is used to make life-saving medications. THANK YOU FOR SAVING LIFE!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I work at OctaPharma plasma center in Garland, Texas. I can tell you that they have very specific rules when it comes to donating. Plasma donations are serious. Plasma is used to help people with serious problems, including bleeding disorders, burn victims, and cancer patients. Plasma saves lives. It can also be serious for the donors, an unhealthy donor can put their own health in jeopardy by donating when they shouldn't. That's why the centers ask so many questions, do medical screenings, and performing physicals. Anyone with signs of drug use, alcohol use, new piercings or tattoos, or illness is turned away. The FDA regulates plasma donations and these centers take the regulations VERY seriously.

      I have not worked at OctaPharma very long and I am not in any kind of management position. I have never been in any other plasma center before and don't know what they are like. I just know that this center is very professional and very clean.

      It does take time for new donors but they don't require appointments and it takes 3 hours on average. Return donors don't take as long. Saturdays and Thursdays are very busy. the best time to go is early in the morning on any day.

      There are people of all walks of life that donate at this center and obviously most of the people donate because they need the money. But most of the donors were normal everyday people. In one day, I met a women living on unemployment after being laid-off, several college students just trying to make it, a businessman wearing a suit and carrying his briefcase, and a very well-dressed man wearing a beautiful championship ring. My point is that there are people from all walks of life that donate. We treat them all the same and respect everyone who donates.

    • profile image

      JDS 6 years ago

      Maybe a diff perspective on donating plasma. The donors come from ALL walks of life (the down turn of the economy has seen to that). The new donor process is very long and detailed. You do have to go through an extensive examine with questions and health exam. These facilities are governed by the FDA. The FDA is the reason for the questions and the exams. All plasma centers are bound by the regulations. The other reason for the questions and exam is the ensure not only is is safe for YOU to donate but also to ensure that the plasma (blood) supply stays "clean". If someone is on drugs ( pot, crack) it doesn't effect the outcome of the medication. The proteins are harvested from the plasma to make the medications, but if let's just say HIV is hanging out in the plasma it is NOT safe to use the plasma. The physical exam is geared towards recognizing the physical signs someone exhibits when they have HIV, Hepatitis B and C. Honestly, from an insider, the process of becoming a donor isn't to try and reject people from donating, it's about keeping people and the blood supply safe, and again, these are the policies from the FDA.

      If you are rejected from donating it is not personal. The employees are just following one of the 1000 policies they are required to follow to keep their job and feed their family.

      When you donate plamsa, the proteins are used to make medications for immune deficiencies. Also it takes over 200 donations to make ONE vial of medication. So the company DOES NOT make 1000 dollars off of ONE donation and the plasma is screened and "washed" to ensure that it does not have any disease such as HIV, Hepatits B and C.

      The company has also been changing and making improvements to better serve the donors. Unfortunately, because the staff is not paid very much to work, the turn over rate it high, therefore, at times, the center does not have enough staff to handle the amount of donors coming in to donate. When new employees are hired, there is an extensive training program they must complete before they can operate on their own. This contributes to the long wait times. The staff is always welcome to suggestions and improvements.

      Bottom line, donating plasma is a great way to get a little extra cash if you are in a bind. You can expect wait times regardless if you are new or a returning donor. The best thing is to bring entertainment (books, music) to pass the time. The staff really does value the donors and strive to provide superior customer service. If you encounter rude employees the best thing is to ask for a manager.

    • profile image

      LSmith 6 years ago

      I have visited the one on Ferguson and yes it is a lot of black people there. It is also a lot of white, mexicans, and any other races there also. So, what is the point? I have read all of the ignorance and stupidity! When you are given a chance to speak on a topic, make it classy and not trashy! You never know why people are there to donate plasma! You don't know the situation they could be in. I am a Teacher and I donate plasma because I like to help those that are in need. YES! I take the money and help pay for a couple of kids in my class school supplies. I look at it as helping in more ways than one. For you people to turn this into a name calling race fight...You should feel bad. Who cares if there is a lot of so called "GHETTO" people there! If you were gonna let that stop you from making a difference in someone's life...then don't donate! It is not that hard. Evidently, you really needed the money if you kept on trying to go back Mr.Kevy Rae. What makes you better than anyone there? You wanted it for smokes and you just assumed that everyone there wanted it for drugs...You are no better than them....Did you think of that? But I am not here to judge anyone. I make very good money, but I also donate to make a difference in lives. Have you guys ever thought that some people in the centers do it for school, jobs, or even community service? I met a lot of those that do that just for those reasons. So stop judging by peoples looks and get off your high horses and realize that you are in the same boat as others. You are not the only one that had bad experiences with the center. I have had bad experiences too, but I didn't blame it on the people trying to make a little money to survive. I blamed it on the employees that don't value their jobs! I personally think that had you not lied about the allergies, you would be satisfied...BECAUSE YOU GOT YOUR SMOKES AND GAS MONEY!!! Hint Hint. We all know that was the only reason you went to the center in the first place...Once again, what makes you better than the dopies that you so call saw there? People get it together and stop all of the DRAMA...GROSS!

    • profile image

      Peaches 6 years ago

      Forget Luluking. He's an idiot. First, not all blacks hate whites and second I'm black, born and raised in Oak Cliff, but I find the people just as revolting as this article describes. It's true it's mostly druggies and the poor but it is money. I liked the article cause it lets you know exactly what to expect' gives you the real version. If you don't want to hecg out around thesae types don't go to this one. I'm uncomfortable there too but whatever. I'm not going to let this stop me when I need the cash.

    • profile image

      Jake 6 years ago

      Actually u get 50 each time now.. And there's only a wait the first time. After that you're in and out in an hour and a half or less.

    • profile image

      luluking 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Wilder 6 years ago

      I just shared this near-identical experience today & yesterday. Only near the end they demanded a written review from my primary physician for a full, complete psychiatric/physical exams. Though I have a near-perfect clean bill of health; admitted allergies to silvadene & mold; a 3rd degree burn scar from age 1; & mentioned a'minor abdomenal pain when the bone of his hand pressed down on my gut). The temporary minor 'abdomen pain' is what screwed me in the end.

      Here I thought I was helping my fellow man & getting some spending $, being a poor white male college student. The staff kept eyeing my Thor's Hammer pendant the whole time. Was wearing $1000 worth of clothing(leather jacket, gloves, etc.) though currently broke. The center was full of people that looked as if they came off the streets(the regulars). And indeed, it was on a bus line. My vibe after this is the staff seems very shifty to me.

      Only difference is, this was a Talecris Plasma Center for me.

    • profile image

      philip burge 6 years ago

      Yeah, tell them what they want to hear. I waited 3 hours and then was told that I couldn't give plasma because

      I went to England for 6 month over 30 years ago....

      Like England is a 3rd World country?????

    • profile image

      chad 6 years ago

      thanks for the info I have no disire to go to this place and get robbbed by a bunch of worthless niggs. Good they are so worthless.

    • profile image

      johhnyp 6 years ago

      you should check out Talecris Plasma Resources if you are looking for a different environment. They don't put up with foul language, sagging pants, or drug and gang type activity. It is the cleanest plasma center I have ever seen and the staff is very friendly and professional. They also pay more than all the other centers in Dallas and have many bonuses you can earn monthly by donating more times.

    • profile image

      RBG 6 years ago

      Bottom line: either u donate or u don't, ur interested or ur not. Why bicker and complain over what a person does with their body or the money used from donating plasma. I wud much rather see them doing some good as far as donating plasma instead stealing and robbing. For the record plasma centers of this caliber are a waste. I'd rather work day labor than to be ripped off this way.

    • profile image

      Violet 6 years ago

      I lost my job yesterday so I really need to donate plasma. I live in North Dallas, and want to drive as little distance as possible so I'm not burning $20 on gas money. Any suggestions? I'm near Carrollton and Plano by the way.

    • profile image

      zach 6 years ago

      wow reading that was really informatable and kind of funny too! I really liked it, so you go getto white chik and ill be the other wihte guy there right next to you

    • profile image

      Jessica 7 years ago

      I go to the CSL in Tempe, AZ and let me tell you, I wish I had read this article before I went in. You ever notice how all the ads say "Donate plasma! Save lives AND make money!"? I donated blood for years after I had a transfusion after an accident, so I'm all for it. But if I can 'donate' and also get change for gas money and tuition, even better. First off, yes it saves lives. Second off, that pay is horrible, especially when you are treated like a second class citizen (no matter what color you are or your social standing or your education level). Don't call me a racist - I'm not. I really don't care if someone is white, black, orange, brown, pink, or green. Trash is trash. Here in AZ, we have a large number of Hispanics (border with Mexico), so I naturally expected to see many Hispanics, an assortment of crackheads, and various other gangster-types. Statistics formed my expectations, not racism.

      I had realistic expectations. I expected a long wait, lots of questions, and some even more questionable characters in the waiting room. I also expected to see a few people like me - college students trying to do a good thing and get a few bucks (WRONG). I knew that the money was really not worth the time for most people (which is why I expected the wait room to resemble Van Buren).

      WOW, I was still surprised. Not so much by the wait room, which was actually devoid of college students (or anyone else who may have showered in the past two+ weeks for that matter). I heard people openly talking about buying drugs with the money, openly talking about how this was one of the benefits of buying a social security number, and there was even a hooker outside hanging out by the security guard trying to get some of the guys to spend their new-found wealth on her instead of drugs.

      The thing that shocked me most was how ABSOLUTELY RUDE the center staff was to me. I expected the patrons to be sketchy and unnerving, but I did not expect to be treated like sh*t by the employees. I'm polite. I was raised to say please, thank you, excuse me, and to be patient and understanding (heck, I worked at Denny's for the night shift for a while even, so I understand that it's a rough job). They treated me like absolute trash. I didn't expect any special treatment, but common courtesy would have been great.

      But, when I wait in line so as not to cut in front of any of the GHETTO people just to ask a receptionist "Excuse me, ma'am, do you have a restroom I can use?" I don't expect a response like "God, can't you just read the signs?" (when I'm a first time donor thus never been in the back, the restroom is in the back, and no signs are visible form the waiting room). The lady I asked glared at me, and had the dismissive, disdainful tone that says 'you're not worth my time, f*** off' pretty clearly. And that was par for the course for every person I talked to that day. Absolutely disinterested, completely rude, like they went out of their collective way to be better than thou and make you feel like trash.

      I don't need the money, and even if I did, it's not worth it. This is why I probably won't go back, even after two months worth of two donations per week just to make sure it wasn't a bad day thing that might improve. They treat me like they are doing piece-of-crap me a favor, when I'm doing them a favor. I make more in an hour at my job than they pay for however long each visit takes (more than an hour)... without getting stuck with a needle, without waiting alongside seriously disturbing people, and without being treated like a worthless degenerate by the staff.

      And let me tell you, being a 23-year-old white female in that environment is disturbing enough. It's bad enough that they did nothing about the other people waiting openly harassing, insulting, and propositioning me, but on top of that they were completely rude as well.

      It's interesting to see, like a completely bass-ackwards view of common decency. But, if you're just looking to do a good thing, donate blood/plasma at a place that doesn't pay. Doing it for nothing is more worth it, trust me.

    • profile image

      Guiullermo 7 years ago

      I used to go to the csl plasma center at lake june for almost a year till last month Sept to be excact. seems they have anew crew working the counters and they are running everyone off. First im retired and receive a decent pension but i do have a lottery adiction and would buy my tickets with the donation money. But i found out that since i was a retyurn donor i only got 25 and 40 where a new donor got 50 and 50 not fair so i stopped going

    • profile image

      Henry 7 years ago

      Im at the plasma center now, i come for an hour and get 20 dollars, come back in a couple days and get 40. if u can find somewhere else i can go and get paid 20-40 dollars an hour to sit on my ass and play on my computer let me know

    • profile image

      digger04 7 years ago

      Been "selling", Plasma for a number of months since becoming unemployed. The folks in line run the gamut, displaced illiterates, literati, laid off Auto Workers and very curious species from under or near this bridge or that.

      For Big Dogs #180, you get $20 for the first and $35 for the second in one week.

      The Benefits of receiving Plasma far outweighs the sociological scramble of this site or that. In Southern Wisconsin the mix where I go is more palpable Mid morning and Mid afternoon or early on Sunday's. The Medtechs that work on you are glad to have us over educated mokes to talk to now and then. Hemophiliacs depend on Plasma for existing...Good outweighs the Bad.

    • profile image

      Elisha 7 years ago

      thats the same crap they did to me here in oregon, i wqish i just lied to them, what a waste of my time i tell ya

    • profile image

      Debra 7 years ago



    • profile image

      Debra 7 years ago

      I know just how you fell went lady stuck needle away to my elbow pain no feelings about how I was she was not felling good tooth ache she had o well not my problem. but it soon became my blood stared going in my tube DEFER for 56 days for my blood to build BACK HERE WE ARE DOING OUR BEST WENT TO SEE NURSE TOLD ME TO GO TO HOSPITAL HAVE IT CHECKED PLASMA CENTER WOULD PAY MY BILL .SO IN THE WHILE CAN,T GIVE YOU KNOW SIGN THE PAIN

    • profile image

      Geena B. 7 years ago

      Well, I simply must say that Yes, I have gone in and Although the wait has been tiresome as long as U hav the necessary documents upon 1st going in which are valid Id, valid ssc, and proof of address within the last 30 days, U will be pretty much set!!!! When U go in answer the questions honestly! make sure U have had a well balanced meal, drink plenty of water, make sure Ur not feeling bad, like sniffles, allergies, or something as simple as a cold!!!! C'mon people weve totally gotten away from the point of this Blog. We r supposed 2 be giving informative helpful info not criticizing and belittling one another! The point is that evry ones xperience is not bad, U make Ur xperience! Just make sure Ur schedule is clear for that day. The 1st 5x's U receive 50 bucks and then after that it actually depends on how strong Ur platelet count is!!!

    • profile image

      Skyler 7 years ago

      @ Tiffany Hill

      What was said was not racist at all. "Ghetto" is not a racist term by any means whether it is used to describe blacks or whites. You need to stay in school lady, because your comprehension of what racism REALLY is, is laughable. You seem to me to be the yuppie, uptight, "white people owe me", kind of person. Your also the FIRST and ONLY person who even played the racism card. What does that tell you? Perhaps you should do a little more research on what racism actually is before you accuse someone of it.

      P.S. Just because your black, doesn't make you the authority on racism. Blacks are discriminated against yes, but blacks discriminate whites more so in my experience. They can call us every name in the book, racial slang or whatnot, but if a white person calls a black person anything that can be articulated as racial slang, we are the monsters. Grow up, and realize that the first person to scream "racist!", is usually the racist themselves.

    • profile image

      Tiffany Hill 7 years ago

      I despise all of the racist comments that have been written here. I am finishingup my last three hours at Texas Woman's University in order to receive my bachelor's degree. I have been having trouble finding a job and things have gotten fairly bad, so I decided to donate plasma and get off of my "high horse". I admit that some of the people at the Plasma Center were of lower class- but these were Whites and Blacks!!! The White people were as ghetto as the Black people and they were also obviously drunks/addicts who did not believe in bathing. I am smart enough to understand that skin color has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with behavior or attitude. To ChrisR- I solute you for you college education and refusl to drink alcohol and take drugs; still, I can assure you that your "Whiteness" is not the cause for that. I am African American and I too am college educated and drug/alcohol free. BTW: "Ghetto" is a racsit word when used to describe African Americans. Especially, since we all know that Whites, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Hawaiians and all other races have the propensity to be ghetto as well. Thanks, for listening...check your values and morals people!!!

    • profile image

      ChrisR 7 years ago

      Oh yeah, forgot to mention. If you go to CSL Plasma, they now pay on a debit card instead of cash (like they used to). It costs you $.50 everytime you use the card. So even when they say $20, they mean "we will put $20 on a debit card and charge you a fee to use or get you own money". If you go to an ATM, they will charge you $1.50 and the ATM will charge you another $1.50 - $3.00. They found another way to keep the payment as low as possible - forcing the desparate to come back sooner than later. It is a system built on preying upon the disadvantaged and deviants (druggies)in society.

    • profile image

      ChrisR 7 years ago

      Your description is perfect. You are smart to just skip it, I had to learn the hard way. The money is low and the wait is long. The reason for the alcoholics and druggies being the primary candidates - very few people will put up with the inefficiency of these centers and spending all day to get $20 - but people who can't hold a job because of their addictions will wait. Its a shame they don't have centers for non-alcoholics and drug free donors. They could pay fairly and treat you better. By the way, that bottle of plasma you donate for $20 is processed and sold for $1000 - $2000. It's really a ripoff, therefore the centers must cater to the homeless, extreme poor, alcoholics and drug addicts to keep a constant supply of donors. I got so frustrated I just decided to got back to the Red Cross. I donate a double dose of platelets twice a week - and I do it for free. Yes, I would rather give it away than be treated poorly and be ripped off. I am able to make an appointment, walk right in and am treated as a valued client. BTW I'm white, college educated, do not drink any alcohol, do not use any drugs and no tatoos or piercings. I donate because it helps others, and it is very beneficial to me to donate. Donating keeps your blood fresh, keeps your iron levels from getting too high and keeps the cholesterol down. It wont put money in your pocket, but you can help save lives and potentially improve your own health and psyche.

    • profile image

      Cheryl 7 years ago

      Thank you for the article! I actually read it. I have been debating about donating plasma at the Lake June facility to help with the cc bills, and it doesn't seem worth it.

    • profile image

      amanda 7 years ago

      same thing happened to me almost...showed up the first time, they said they weren't taking anymore people that day. showed up EARLY the second time, said they arent opening for another two hours because of a safety meeting. showed up third time, forgot my ss card, was pissed, so didn't go back.

      and yes, it was very ghetto. there were two security guards outside the building. and it was full of crack whores and very scary.

    • profile image

      dwon 7 years ago

      i just need a lil money n my pocket so i want do noting wrong

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      It makes me mad that these peaple judge when there probably in some big house on there expensive computer passing down judgement like there god but I read your message and it helped me so thanks for the info and don't let the haters bother you

    • profile image

      Lynn 7 years ago

      I totally agree that Connie is an ASS!!

    • Kevy Rae profile image

      Kevy Rae 7 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Excuse me, Connie.. What is it with people and reading comprehension? Education really has gone to Hell! Notice, I said I was LAID-OFF! Not just sitting around! You'll also notice I said I was trying to donate because I DID NOT WANT to borrow money!

      This article is old and my situation is different now. I have left it up in case anyone wants to know what it's like at the plasma place. Why are you reading it and lecturing me if you aren't interested in plasma donation?

    • profile image

      Connie 7 years ago

      I think it's ridiculous that you make your smoking habit and gas a priority in your life that you feel it's OKAY to borrow money from people to support habits you can do without. What stupid enabler friends you have that are aware of what you are doing yet find it okay. This says to them that it's okay that you bust your ass and work all day and are responsible, and all I have to do is sit on my ass, wait for you to get home and hit you up for the bucks. Obviously we have learned how you value your friends. Exactly like the puff of smoke you let out with each exhale. Grow up, get a job, support yourself, quit making your issues everybody else's! You should be embarrassed!

    • Kevy Rae profile image

      Kevy Rae 7 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Thanks, Lara... ;-)

      I never did wind up donating plasma! It was not worth it!

    • profile image

      Lara 7 years ago

      I quite liked the article. It gives a first-hand account of an experience I've never had. I had no idea what a process it is. Also had no idea you could do it so often. Not sure I'd be willing to go sit in an office full of folks as you describe, so I may have to find a nice, quiet office in a different part of Dallas. :)

    • Kevy Rae profile image

      Kevy Rae 7 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Nik, if you had any reading comprehension skills, you will notice I did say that maybe I was no different from them.

      Kay, thanks for your honest review! :-)

    • profile image

      Nik 7 years ago

      It seems to me that you're addicted to smoking and this doesn't make you any different than the druggie ghetto blacks that you've described. For a person to go through all of that and to even stoop to the level of lying to a doctor about their health has a problem. I figured being broke would force you to step down off of your pedestal.

    • profile image

      kay 7 years ago

      this "article" is awful.

    • profile image

      rachel 7 years ago

      you shouldn't lie to the doctors just to get some quick cash for smokes. they ask those questions for good reason, and lying could jeopardize your health AND the health of whoever receives your plasma. try quitting smoking instead, you won't be cranky and you'll save even more money.

    • profile image

      charles 8 years ago

      I was permanently barred for talking back to the Indians at Lake June and Master's Center in Pleasant Grove, Dallas Texas; discrimination if ask me. I wonder how many have been denied the right to give blood for our own people here in America.

    • profile image 8 years ago

      Don't donate plasma if you really need cash: