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How to Make Money With the 'Dot Com Secrets X' 30 Challenge

Updated on June 14, 2012

What Is Dot Com Secrets X ?

Dot Com Secrets X is a 90 Day Internet Marketing training course offered by Internet Multi Millionaire Russel Brunson, who is putting his money where his mouth is and offering an Internet Marketing course for $1 (normal price $197) for the first 30 days with the intention that you will make sufficient money onIine to either give up your full-time job, improve your lifestyle or simply earn a living.

He is offering this course for a negligble amount because he is so conficent that he can teach you the necessary skills to make money and be successful online, plus he is on a mission to help 100 people become millionaires.

What is the cost of Dot Com Secrets X cost? $1 donation to charity

For the meagre sum of $1 you can take the Dot Com Secrets Training Course. To succeed with Secrets you will have to make a commitment of a minimum of one hour a day for the next 30 days. For only $1 you have absolutely nothing to lose. In fact your $1 investment is a great investment as it goes to a good cause, one of the charities Dot Com Secrets supports; 'The Make A Wish Foundation', so you whilst you are learning how to make money you are also helping a poorly child's wish come true.


Dot Com Secrets Credentials

Dot Com Secrets is a legitimate opportunity and not a scam.

It has been televised on CNN, Fox, CBS and NBC News. It also has the backing of Sir Richard Branson's company Virgin Airlines which allows Dot Com Secrets advertise on his airplanes.

What You Get On The Dot Com Secrets 30 Days Training Course?

You will receive diverse resources that all culminate in teaching you how to make money online. You can expect to:

  • Receive daily video training sessions for 30 days
  • Resources on how to build an army of affiliates
  • The secret sources to creating and driving traffic to your website
  • Become a member of Dot Com Secrets' closed door affiliate program
  • Gain access and membership to their Marketing Illuminati program (usual cost $197.p.m.)
  • Free access to Dot Com Secrets Newsletter (usual cost $197.p.m.)
  • Receive over the shoulder coaching
  • Join the Members only Sketch Cast where you will learn what Dot Com Secrets is working on to make money

Pros of Dot Com Secrets

  • Extremely great value at $1 for 30 Days
  • The training course is suitable for newbies and experienced internet marketers
  • ´╗┐Excellent resources for marketing, building a customer base, and making money
  • Personal one-to-one training
  • 24 hour support

Cons of Dot Com Secrets

  • The only con is that it doesn't mention up front that you may have to spend more money to affiliate with partner sites that help with your marketing. However, is not compulsory to buy from these external partner sites as the free version, which comes with bonuses if you signup through Dot Com Secrets will suffice. I upgraded on two partner site out of 21 and spent an extra $27.´╗┐

My Experience With Dot Com Secrets

I recently joined the Dot Com Secrets and must say my $1 was money well spent.

It is real Internet training which is enhancing my already acquired knowledge. I've done a few online courses over the years, for which I've spent quite a few more dollars than $1, but none actually provided such indepth training. Everyday on Dot Com Secrets there is something new and exciting to learn as you receive lessons with homework assignments that help you to improve your Internet marketing knowledge. All in all secrets is the best Internet marketing course I've taken.

Warrior Forum

I asked questions on the best Internet Marketing forum, Warrior Form, and the response was positive. They thought the resources at Dot Com Secrets was excellent. But the big bonus was that I got the same course a lot of the Warriors paid $997 for!

Comment from Warrior Forum "Hey Guys, just throwing it out there -- I've been with Russell's DCS for a few months now, LOVE it and I will clearly say that there are resources, training and connections I would have never made without having joined. I've made sales to local business that I would never have made. I know it's $1k to join but if that $1k earns you "more than $1k" it's worth it right? "

If you follow the course exactly as taught you will definitely make money online. I made´╗┐ commissions by Day 12. I think I would have made money earlier but I didn't have the funds to invest in some of the bigger paid programs that targeted hundreds of thousands of people seeking internet opportunities. I stuck with the free resources and 2 upgrades, followed up the prospects daily until on Day 12 when somehow after seeing my banners, tweets and ads the prospect clicks finally turned into purchasers.

Would I recommend Dot Com Secrets? Yes I would, because for $1 you get great value and will learn things you can put into place for any internet business you set up in the future.

So it's a big thumbs up from me!

Would You Pay $1 For A 1st Class Training Course Worth $997?

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    • profile image

      Mady Fernandez 

      6 years ago

      Very Nice Hub. Liking it a lot


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