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Double or Triple Your Salary by Working a Half Hour a Day Part 2

Updated on June 30, 2010

First, check the web hotel listings for a decent place in the 'burbs that's on a bus line. Then take a bus from the airport to the hotel and a bus into town for your one meeting. You'll be getting around just about as fast as a taxi as they get stuck in traffic too, you'll have a very similar room to the one in the downtown skyscraper and and save about $200 a night while you're at it. Check out the neighborhood for a good buffet restaurant. $10 or $12 will likely fill you up to the brim and you won't want to have any other meal that day. If you play your cards right, you can get a good room, all the food you can eat, an all day bus pass and still have change left over from your $100 bill. Given that the usual big city per diem is $400 or more, you're looking at large wads of money in the bank piling up every day you're "on the road."

Car mileage allowance is another way to steal candy from babies. Most companies have a standard rate of around 70 cents per mile or more when you use your own car. Pull out your calculator, plug in some numbers and check out how lucrative this is. You'd be hard pressed to spend 70 cents a mile in fuel if you were pulling a house behind a Hummer H1 up Pike's Peak. Since corporate mileage rates are set irrespective of the vehicle you're driving, immediately trade in your SUV for an old Geo Metro XFI. You'll find these 15 year old junkers in the local trader papers for around a thousand bucks. Spend another thousand to have a remanufactured engine plopped in. Now you will get an honest, constant, hybrid-decimating, 60 mpg on the highway. This means that a $3 gallon of gas will get you 60 miles, or 5 cents a mile. If your company is sending you from, say, LA to SF, that's a thousand mile round trip. Congratulations. You have now pocketed $650.

If you can make your own airline arrangements, then you've now graduated to near-Purchasing Manager income. Somehow corporations think that unwashed proletarians buy budget seats while corporate representatives have to pay full pop. Given that the guy who paid full fare is usually sitting right next to the unwashed prole who paid $49.50, this is just another corporate illusion. Let's say your company will just allow you the "standard" fare of $800 round trip NYC to LA. Spend 20 minutes on the web and come up with all the cheap fare sites that will fly you return for $99. That's a nice, round 7 C-notes in your pocket. And you'll draw even greater satisfaction in the knowledge that you'll likely be flying next to some bozo who shelled out $800.

This plan to retire by the time you're 40 only works if you can sucker... er... convince your company to per diem you all the way. However, you'd be amazed how many companies do this with their embezzlers... er... employees!

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