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Dutch health insurance

Updated on February 5, 2012
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Comparing health insurances in Holland

In Holland, the government is not responsible for the day-to-day management of the healthcare system. The Dutch government is responsible for, among other things, quality of the care.Private suppliers take care for the provision of services in this area.

Since 2006 there is a new insurance system in Holland. It is important to at least have a basic understanding of this new system before you decide to go to Holland.

If you are living in Holland you are required to purchase an insurance from a Dutch health insurer. Before this new system was introduced there was a distinction between private and public healthcare. This, however, has been alterated and everyone now has to buy a basic health insurance.

The Dutch government every year determines a basic package that includes about the same coverage as the earlier system. Health insurers are obliged by law to offer this basic package to Dutch consumers and can not, by law, reject anybody who is applying for it. The basic insurance package covers basic medical care, care for babies, most medicines and care by dentists.

You can choose to buy extra insurances to cover medical costs that are not included in the basic insurance package. But please note that in this case insurance companies do have the right to reject you.

If you are working as an expat for a company in Holland you might want to purchasing a so called collective health insurance, this is often up to 10% cheaper. Nevertheless, you are not obliged to purchase such a policy when it is offered to you. Also,you'll find that not every employer will make you an offer. Our advice: just ask your boss about the possibilities!

Furthermore, you can compare different health insurances at comparison websites. These sites (such as Vergelijken Verzekering) often offer even better deals than collective insurances of Dutch employers.


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