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EUR/USD Forex Forecast Daily Update

Updated on February 10, 2011

Hello, all. I am an Elliott Wave Analyst with 5 years' experience in Stock, Forex. I have personally launched a Forex Forecasting website offering free daily forecast report. You can check my site from day to day.

I'll unleash excerpts on this hub. You can check for full article with Tickchart at my site.

Most importantly, my site is

Daily Forex Forecast Feed

EUR USD H4 Forex Forecast Feb 10 2011

Yesterday’s forecast was a victory! I heard disagreement yesterday about my forex forecast wave count, some people said that the 5 impulsive up wave started from Jan 10 2011 was finished and the current wave was at A. That was a possible option, but not mine. In my view, if their count is right, then [...]

EUR/USD H4 Forex Forecast Feb 11 2011

How much have you earned yesterday? I have told you my forex trading strategy the day before, to close the sell order at 1.3630. I made 70 pips, how about you? Look at where EUR/USD has been now! 1.3612. If you are aggressive enough, you could easily make 100 pips or more. No matter. We [...]


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