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Earn Cash With Online Checking

Updated on April 15, 2011

earn cash online

Some banks are enticing customers to open an online account by offering them a bonus of $50, $100, or more. Each has their own requirements for a new customer to earn that bonus. The bonus’s that are offered earn you more money than a savings account would earn if you had $1000 or $2000 in it for a year or two. This is a great way to earn extra income using your online checking account.

The reason for offering the bonus is to increase their customer base. They hope you will become a long-term loyal bank customer and they are out to win your business. This method does work.

Sometimes the bank will give you a bonus and pay interest on the account; but require you to open with a minimum amount, make 10 debit purchases per month, and will ask you to keep the account open for six months or more. Others will pay you the bonus when you open an account with no minimum deposit, no minimum balance, and no set number of debits per month but you have to keep the account open for at least three to six months.

After they have gained you as their customer, their goal is to keep you as their customer. Some of the banks want you to invite your friends and relatives to become customers, too. They will offer you a $50 bonus to bring them new customers who will open an online account. Your friend or relative has to make sure you get the credit for referring them to the bank. One way is to physically escort them to the bank branch and the other is to sign them up online.

Now that you are the banks loyal customer they want you to pay bills online. They realize some people do not want to learn how to pay their bills online so, again, they want to entice you to try this. Most of us would be willing to learn if we received a $50 bonus for paying six bills online within a 3-month period. Not only is the bill paying online service free it takes just less than 15 minutes to set up and you can be confident the bill will get paid on time.

Banks, also, want you to use your debit card when you make purchases. They bank officials are very resourceful so again they are trying to win your loyalty. Now they have new incentives for using their debit or credit cards. They have found businesses that are willing to pay you cash back if you shop them and use your online checking account debit card or that same bank’s credit card. The businesses are offering from 2% up to 10% cash back for you to patronize them. Over a year’s time you could earn a nice amount of cash.

In the last seven months, I have earned $206 with my new online checking accounts. One of those banks, First Tennessee Bank, has a new promotion about paying bills online and they are willing to pay me $50 if I pay six bills online within a 3 month period---another $50 earned. When I use their debit or credit card, there are many businesses that are working with First Tennessee Bank who will pay me cash back when I shop their stores. My checking account is credited automatically.

These are real easy ways to earn cash with your new online account. If you choose to take advantage of all the bonus’s listed above it is very possible to earn $300 or more in a year or less.



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