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How to Make Extra Money From Home

Updated on January 1, 2013

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you have debt that you can't seem to pay down? Everyone has tough financial obstacles at some point in their life, and sometimes you just need a little boost to help ease the stress. The following are tips and ideas for how to earn a little extra money on the side, either at home, online, or locally. You never know, maybe you could turn one of these into a real income.


Increase Your Income

Clean Out your Closets

Instead of just throwing away or donating your old clothes and items you no longer use, try to sell them. If you have children, sell the clothes and toys they have outgrown. We all know how fast children grow, so their items are usually still in great condition after they are through with them. You can go to consignment shops to sell your items, or you can sell them online on websites like Ebay, Craigslist and Kijiji. You should try to do this once every season, then, not only will you be making extra money, but you'll have removed items that are just taking up space in your home.

Sell Stock Photos

If people are always commenting on how great your photos are, maybe you can turn your talents into a few extra dollars. Go to websites like Istockphoto, Shutterstock, and Dreamstime, and research what kind of photos are selling the most, or are the most in demand. There are people out there who have made micro stock photography their primary income. There is a lot of competition but there is also a great amount of demand for quality photos, so get you work online and available to potential buyers.

Get Paid to Express your Opinion

Companies are often looking for reviews and feedback from consumers on their latest products, or ad campaigns. You could earn anywhere from $25-$200, depending on the requirements of the project. Check out research firms in your area, or go to (this site lists market research firms), and let your opinion make a difference.

Write Your Way to Financial Freedom

So you have opinions and knowledge, but can you make it interesting enough for others to want to read? If so, you could make money online writing about topics that you like or have experience in. How does it work? Well, you join a website community like, and start writing and publishing articles on your favorite subjects, Google Adsense will post advertisements on your page and you can be paid everytime someone clicks on those advertisements. There are no limits on what you can earn here, but you have to write content that will attract people to your page.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Do you love to shop? Why not get paid to do it? Join a secret-shopper program in your area, and you could get paid to eat and drink at restaurants, or take a shopping trip to some great retail stores. Hey, if your strapped for cash, chances are, your not going out to dinner or shopping for new clothes too often, so this could be the best of both worlds.


Do Your Research Before Jumping In

These are all viable options for earning a secondary income, but they may not suit you and your lifestyle, so make sure to research them carefully before getting involved. Decide how much time and effort your willing to dedicate to whatever you're considering, and determine if you can make it work with your schedule. Earning money, no matter how much, usually takes some organization and time management, but the rewards could be worth your while. After all, money doesn't grow on trees.


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    • Godinme Myhope profile image

      Godinme Myhope 6 years ago from Nigeria

      I love this post very good to making online living

    • fibo777 profile image

      fibo777 7 years ago from UK

      Good hub. I enjoyed it. Keep on moving with writing on hubpages.