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Earn Money from home by Freelance Jobs and know why new Freelancers do not get hired

Updated on July 20, 2014
Freelancing is earning money from home
Freelancing is earning money from home

Earn money from home by Freelancing

Everyone on the internet has at least once used Google to search “How to earn money from the internet” or “how to earn online” or “how to earn from home”. If you are reading this hub, you probably did and you are reading one. Ha-ha! Well if you are lingering over the question that can we really earn money from the internet, hold your thoughts. You surely can! You need to be patient and calm! If you intend to earn and become rich overnight, you are in dream land. Nothing can make you rich overnight! Everyone wants to work at their leisure, in the vicinity of their homes!

Ask yourself, don’t you want that?

I will proceed with a yes? So yes it is! Even you would like to work sitting at home, earn money using the internet, and earn an extra income just by sitting at home.

Freelancing is a widely growing job prospect, it helps you to showcase your talents and get paid for what you do the best! Freelancing helps your earn jobs from home by companies and people who need small tasks to be done! This hub will guide you about Freelancing, will provide you details about various freelancing websites, and give an overall review about them!

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You think you're a freelancer?
You think you're a freelancer?

What is freelancing?

Freelancing in simple words is being self employed! You really do not need to know about any stupid history about knights and ancient meaning of the word “lance”. Freelancing is an art altogether. You have to prove to others that you are the best! Unless you are the best, why should others hire you? Why should companies pay you to work if you are not the best! There are several others who are better than you and other who show themselves better than you!

The idea of freelancing is there are several people and companies who need simple tasks to be done. They hire through the internet and ask talented workers to work on assignments they give. They have to complete these assignments and submit. Once their assignment is approved by the company you will get paid. Unless they confirm and approve your work, you will not get paid.

Assignments include Logo designing, banner designing, article writing, content writing, photo editing, web designing, programming, designing templates, making music, making promotional videos, making flash objects, etc

Payments range from $5 to $1000! The better the quality and quantity of work the higher is the pay. Actually payments can differ a lot! A freelancer who does the same job, but has a high experience may bid a high amount and get hired!

Your first work to become a successful freelancer is to put up a good image of yourself! Unless hirers think you are suitable and capable they will not give you a contract!

Requirements for Freelance websites

Basic Requirements to work on Freelance Firms:

  1. All freelance websites requires portfolio of your previous works and Resume/CV
  2. You need a Paypal account to receive payments
  3. Identification proof
  4. A proper bio.
  5. A convincing attitude and skill to ensure companies to take interest in you!

If you don’t know how to create a Paypal account, almost all the Freelance Websites ask for a verified Paypal account to forward you your earnings. Read this hub on How to create a Paypal account and learn how to get verified!

The basic idea of Freelancing
The basic idea of Freelancing
A list of freelancing sites!
A list of freelancing sites!

List of few Freelance Websites

Few Freelance Websites and their general ideas are listed below:

  1. I find this website a very much non-profit! It is like they won’t charge you to bid on projects while others offer credits points like 10/15. Anyway, it has a decent working atmosphere and a lot of contractors! Skill tests are free unlike other websites.
  2. Just like guru, I would keep it on top of all the other websites. It also offers free skill tests and has a lot of hirers!
  3. This website is amazing! You need time to get approval. Once approved you can bid on projects. It offers 15 credit points for bidding which on expiry need to be bough on payment! You can post a hourlie, a rate which will you charge per hour to do a particular task! This can be anything like content writing, photo editing, etc
  4. A decent website offering 10 credit points with a lot of contractors looking to get their work done

I will not keep in my list. I find the site a totally profit seeking organization! To pass skill test you will have to spend money. A smart freelancer would never invest money to pass tests which has no surety to pass and get jobs. There are other websites which render these tests for free, so why waste money! Moreover it is one of the oldest freelancing websites and hence there are a lot of experienced workers!

Why do new Freelancers do not get hired? How to establish yourself as a Freelancer?

Things work differently on Freelance Websites! The contractors hire professionals who have higher ratings, and more experience. This lowers the chances of new Freelancers looking for work!

Judge yourself, if you want a task to be completed, would you not select the best person to do it?

Would you be let a newbie handle the same? It is an obvious no!

You may not be a newbie at the work you do, but according to the companies you are! You have to portray yourself the best for the job! You have to assure the company that they are in the right hands and guarantee them the best!

Write a proper bio, write a proper description of the work you will do. Detail it out! Unless you show them how you will work, they will never hire you. Proper description of the work is mandatory!

Even after all these tricks, many freelancers fail to establish themselves. I would suggest them to keep calm. Have patience my dear friends. Even I am on the same trail! Everyone started the same way you did. You will get orders. Just do not loose hope.

Which website do you work for? Or deem to work for?

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