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Earn Passive Income with low Capital

Updated on February 24, 2016


Earning passive income is important especially to those who want to get rich quickly or wants to save money in case of emergencies. But finding ways to earn in such way is quite a tedious task. In this hub, is a list of passive earning programs you might want to try out. (NOTE: Some links are only available in the Philippines since I am doing my financial transactions there, but I am sure that the programs listed are available in other countries if you try to google it.)

Pay to Click Sites

Are you surprised to see pay to click sites on the list? Well, if you still do not know, pay to click sites are one of the most reliable way of earning passive income (it wont make you rich though) and the best part of it is it is free!

First let me discuss what pay to click sites are: PTC sites follow a business model wherein they earn money from people or companies that want their assets commercialized and pay a part of it to people that are willing to click this ads for a short while. Some of these PTC sites have games that will help you earn 3 - 10 dollars per click (chance ofcourse) and some offer survey, tasks and more.

Clicking on advertisements for measly 0.001 dollars wont help you on your financial duties at the very least but you can make the most of it by having referrals. With referrals, you earn a percentage of your invite's income up to 8 levels. It is like networking but for free. So tell your invite to invite another to increase your income. (NOTE: Even though earning though invites is stable it wont make you rich but free passive money is still good though)

Ooops it seems I am not supposed to give a link about this method of earning so I took down the link, just google the method above and I am sure you'll see it there:) Or just request the link I will message it to you privately:)



Stocks, in simple words, is having a share on a company's ownership. Meaning you have a claim in the companies' assets and earnings. Although earning through stocks can sometimes go high there is a small risk that you may lose your investment completely.


Knowing the risk, some may choose to play it safe by participating the following:

Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs)

This investment scheme is offered by Banks, wherein money from various investors are pooled together into a single fund to attain a certain income generating objective. This is a safer way of going into stocks since you will have more people deciding on it and of course they are a group professionals appointed by the Bank. (I am going to give a link for the Philippines below since I do my financial transactions there)

Let the Professionals do the Company Analysis

These professionals might be called stockbrokers (just like on the movie wolf of wall street only more professional). You may call them over the phone (just like in the movie) if you want, but more people prefer to transact with them online.

Since the invention of the internet, the the stock broker industry became much smoother because through the internet you can easily do transactions, track trends and assets, also these transactions became more transparent. What these brokers do are; analyse companies potential to grow and produce income and assist its members in exchange for a transaction fee.

Online Farming

Are you familiar with the Facebook game; Farm Ville? Well online farming is just like that except it is real. Online farming is basically, virtual farming coming to life. Where you work with real crops, land and farmers on your internet device. It is a passive source of income since you do not really have to do anything tedious, you'll just have to buy crops or animals (with real money), visit your virtual farm from time to time and wait for your income. Although online farming may take quite a while before you get your income (1 - 3 months) the earning rate is quite fixed and very stable thus the risk of losing your investment is almost 0%.


Online Content Writing

Lastly, and an obvious one, is writing online content. You may want to create your own blog or site, or join article writing community sites such as Hubpages. There are no financial investment needed in this type of passive income but you need writing skills. If your online content get enough views, then you will earn quite handsomely by signing up on different earning programs.

Passive Income Program
Amount of Potential Income
Investment Required
Skills Required
Risk of Losing Investment
Pay to Click Sites
friend inviting
market and company analysis
vary depending on skills
Online Farming
almost zero
Online Content Writing
writing skills


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    • agapitoflores profile imageAUTHOR

      Agapito Flores 

      3 years ago from Philippines

      @ Alvinet, it is possible to open an account in this site if you are from Europe, but you will be subjected to overseas fees if you try to withdraw your income (unless you have a relative in Southeast Asia) thus I suggest you find an online stockbroker in your area to maximize your income. Where exactly from Europe are you I might help you find a reliable stockbroker site if I have some time.

    • CrisSp profile image


      3 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      This is really interesting. I've never heard of "Online Farming" except on Facebook, in which I'm not engaged. So, this is something to explore further.

    • Alvinet profile image


      3 years ago


      This site is only for philipines, I mean someone from europe can open this account ?


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