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Earn Passive (and not so passive) Income Online

Updated on July 29, 2015

Earn Extra Doing Things You Already Do

Do you shop online? Do you work out during the week? Have you written a review of a product or given your opinion for free? Read on to see how you could be missing out on some extra cash.

Earn Cash Back While Shopping Online

If you shop online directly from a store's homepage then you are missing out on an additional cashback opportunity. Instead, visit the store's homepage through the Ebates website. Ebates has taken rebates to a new level. If you aren't already signed up for ebates you should sign up! If you shop online you get a percentage back for each purchase. Most well-known stores, hotels, and airlines are a part of Ebates. In addition, stores offer exclusive coupons and deals to Ebates members so you will receive additional savings on your purchases.

Joining is quick and simple. After that, make sure you go through the Ebates website instead of directly through the store website in order to get cash back. Pay attention to the cash back percentages offered by each store. You may be able to get a product for the same price at a store that is offering a higher percent cash back rate.

Ebates sends you a check four times a year or directly deposits to your bank account. When you sign up, you receive a 10 dollar plastic gift card to the store of your choice in the mail. I already received my gift card to Macy's and my first rebate check. My next check will be 115 dollars! Sign-up and then refer your friends - share the wealth!

Tip - Save double if you shop with a cash back credit card by getting cash back from Ebates and your credit card company.

Hint - Earn more by participating in the refer-a-friend bonuses that are frequently offered. You will typically earn $5.00 per referral; however, Ebates frequently offers referral bonuses.

Earn Cash Meeting Your Fitness Goals

If you have a device that measures your fitness goals and you exercise regularly, you could be missing out on some extra cash. While exercising isn't exactly a passive activity, you can earn money by being active. If you are exercising anyway, why not earn a little extra while doing so?

FitStudio allows physically active people to earn $5.00 a week towards purchases at Sears and K-Mart. All you have to do is walk or run 15 miles within a seven day period or burn 1500 calories in a week. Active people can connect a fitness device or cell phone that measures their activity to FitStudio.

Review Products You Use

Write short reviews of products on that include an original snapshot of the product from your phone and earn money every time someone reads your reviews. The more short reviews you write, the more you will earn. Reviews should contain at least 500 letters, not words, in order to earn income.

You can also earn by spreading the word to others. Each user has a personal referral code. If your friends sign up using your code, they will receive a $5.00 bonus as soon as they sign up. In addition, you will regularly be rewarded with 10% of your referrals earnings. Don't worry, your referral will still earn the same amount per view regardless of your extra earnings.

If you'd like to join Recommender and receive $5.00 automatically in your account upon sign up, you can use the referral code below when registering with the site.

Referral code - XKsWAoqR


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    • KrisMarie29 profile image

      Kristin 2 years ago from Pennsylvania and Maryland

      I tried Swagbucks, but it did seem slow for me. I have heard of inbox dollars too. I used to use Ipsos isay because you could also get samples to do market research. However, I will never do market research on pet food again, because I had to spend 1,000 getting my cat well after some bad food sample. I also use eRewards, but it isn't that great because you don't get actual cash and can only use it to buy rewards points for hotels and airlines and most of the other things don't give you equal value for the money that you have in your account.

    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 2 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      Thanks for sharing. I have made some money with Swagbucks and inbox dollars, too. The process is a little slow but it is nice to have some gas money once in a while.

    • KrisMarie29 profile image

      Kristin 2 years ago from Pennsylvania and Maryland


      Were you already a member of Recommender? I honestly, would not even have known about it had I not stumbled upon a job on Elance. When the company started, they were paying people $5.00 per post. I made about $100.00. They were trying to populate some responses before they monetized it. I want to look in to other ways that working out can earn you some perks. I need all the motivation I can get.

    • profile image

      Beth 2 years ago

      Thanks for the great ideas here! I actually signed up for Recommender and earning money while I exercise might just be the motivator I need to get out of the chair! I use MyBonusPoints. com and really use the points for $50 gift cards for Home Depot to improve our home. But I think I'll need to use Ebates, too, more often.