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Make Money Online with Virtual Stock Trading

Updated on October 6, 2010

There are several ways to make money online with no investment at all. This is a particular way that one could add another $500 to their monthly income. If you have any intelligence about stock trading, then you could very well add $500 to your monthly income just by participating in these online virtual contests. Sites like and will pay you for competing and winning the monthly online virtual stock trading contests. To maximize your earnings you need to be knowledgeable about stocks. This will require more basic knowledge that just the top 30 DOW stocks. Day trading is the game here. The basic knowledge of Penny Stock investing will benefit you far more than just trying to invest in google and apple, stocks that everyone is investing in. Learning about penny stock investing will give you an edge over others and pull you away from the average investor crowd. is a website that gives you $1,000,000 virtual trading money. This is my favorite virtual money stock site to make money with. They have a monthly competition to see who can beat the S&P by the most percentage. The top prize takes home $500. 2nd place will bag you $100 and the remaining 8 places will earn $50 each. While you may not take home the top prize every month, if you have any experience or knowledge of stocks then you can still earn $50 with little effort, which could buy you a nice gift or if you want to try to invest real money, take those earnings and try your luck at penny stocks. is a proven legit site. In order to be entered into the contest you have to be signed up with a valid email address before the 7th of each month. You must have one stock in your portfolio at all times. Updown pays the winners via paypal. So if you don't have an active paypal account, it might be time to get one. is another good website to make money online with. It offers cash prizes for virtual investing. This site has weekly and monthly prizes. They have 2 different contests. The monthly contest pays the winner $500. 2nd grabs $250 , while 3rd earns $100. The rest win free insider newsletters that are valued up to $49. There is also a weekly contest that awards the top performer $150. The 2nd place gets a $100 Amazon gift card, while the 3rd will win a $50 Amazon gift card. The 4th and 5th win 3 months of stock insider newsletters valued at $49. This contest only gives you $100,000 virtual money to work with, so in a way it is a little more difficult as you don't have as much to invest in higher end stocks. This one really is for finding those low cap stock gems.

I will be checking around for more of these sites, as I regularly compete on them to win the cash prizes. If I find anymore I will add them for you to check out as well. While these sites won't make you rich, even if you don't win every time, you will have fun investing virtual money and may even be persuaded to sink a little of your own money into stocks.

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