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Make money online: Actual ways you can earn money from the Internet

Updated on June 28, 2016

Can we actually earn real money online?

Yes, we most definitely can, in fact there many people earn a stable living doing the same. But don't be fooled, earning online isn't much different from an actual job- you need to work, and it's not easy. And i warn you, there are many fake websites out there that may seem very promising, so be sure to do some research before taking any steps, also, I highly recommend you don't go for one of those watch/click ads and earn websites, even though some of them are legit such as clixense and paidverts. If you really wanna make a good amount of money efficiently, the following ways are the best:

1. Youtube:

One of the most popular and definitely a trusted and legit way to earn online is posting youtube videos. you can post anything that might grab the interest of viewers and once you have gained a good amount of subscribers and viewers then you can register on Adsense. Adsense is an ad service by google and once you register on it, you can post ads your youtube videos by 'monetizing' them and then you'll earn every time someone clicks on those ads. there are lots of people who have dedicated their life to youtube and earn from it as a full time job. Top youtube channels like 'pewdiepie' and 'smosh' are millionaires. and even though you probably won't be a millionaire but there's definitely chance of having a good profit if you attract a good audience. So if you are interested you should definitely check out the youtube creators' academy page here. and be sure to look up ways you can make a successful and attractive channel that'll get you a good audience, and also make sure you don't post any material that might get you in trouble (copyrights and stuff). Check out how it works in this video:


2. Freelance writing/blogging:

Another successful and also extremely popular way people earn money is by blogging or writing about useful content, which may be anything from articles to short stories, as well as tutorials and how to's. There are multitudes of websites that would pay you for writing articles for them, especially if it's about something unique or something that's hard to find on the internet. And you'll have the thrill of having your content read by thousands or maybe even millions across the globe. Like for example if you have skills in any programming languages or any softwares such as photoshop and you have some cool tricks that you can do in them, then you should definitely write a tutorial or article on that and then you can post it on some of the high paying websites such as tuts+ which would pay you handsomely for original content. Also if you have any other skill, anything at all, or some life hack (tricks to make daily stuff easier and more efficient), you can definitely find a website that would pay you for writing about that, a good recommendation is Hubpages (be sure to look up which website is best for you and if it is legit or not). Another thing that you can do is start a blog of your own and post on it regularly, and once you have gained some attention and visitors then you can do the same thing by linking your blog with Adsense, although getting approved by Adsense might be a bit tricky and your blog has to be legit and popular to be approved. although you can start blogging with free websites like blogger and, if your main purpose is earning then it's recommended that you buy a domain(kind of like a website ie. you can have your own url like from popular websites like, this allows your blog to be more flexible and gives you more ways to earn from it

3. Sell your stuff online

As weird as it may seem, I had to add this on here because this is also one of the best ways someone can earn online, just dig out stuff you don't need and post it on any shopping website such as amazon or ebay. Although i would have to say, personally, I don't really feel it's that effective nor a stable way to earn online. But still, if you have anything that you feel would be of high value to someone else and you don't really wanna keep it then why not sell it for a good profit!

So which one should i choose?

It totally depends on what you want and what you're comfortable with, if you have a good talent in making videos and you have some ideas that you feel would interest a lot of people into watching your videos then Youtube would be the best option for you. While if you have a passion for writing and if you have some talents/skills or tricks in any field, or even if you can write anything that'll interest people into reading your stuff then writing for some websites or making your own blog would be the best option for you. And of course you can try the other methods mentioned here as well. The one thing that's really important is that whatever you choose to do, you need to take it seriously and work hard on it, that will ensure good results and earn you a buckload of cash.

Be sure to share your views, ideas and feedback in the comments and feel free to ask any questions whether it is regarding the topic or even if it's totally unrelated, I'll be sure to respond.

And that's all for today~

What's the best way to earn online according to you?

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