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Easy Fundraising Ideas - Things to Sell for your next fundraiser

Updated on September 16, 2012
Many Easy Fundraising Ideas
Many Easy Fundraising Ideas

Fundraise by Selling things

One of the easiest ways to make money fast is to do a sales fundraiser. The nice thing about these fundraisers is that with most of them, you pay nothing for the sales materials. The members of your organization go and sell and the customers make their checks out to YOUR organization. When it's all done then you place the master order and the rest of the money is yours to keep. You can have the funds in your organizations bank account in a short period of time.

Some of the negatives when it comes to this type of fundraiser is you are depending on the motivation of members of your group. Also, there is a lot of work for the organizer. Keeping everyone motivated, collecting all the order forms, placing the order and then sorting all the product when it arrives. IF it's a perishable good like cookie dough then the organizer needs to find somewhere to store it all until the different members get it picked up.

There is also the type of fundraiser where you buy a bulk of an item up front (let's say Lollipops) and then you turn around and tell them one by one for a profit at a game or event. This type of fundraiser is great because you don't have to worry about who sells what, and once you make your initial investment, it's all profit. However, if you don't manage to sell your stock, you are stuck with the extra ad you could even lose money if your sales go really poorly.

I have compiled a list of things your organization can sell for your next fundraiser. These fundraising ideas are a great start, and I would recommend bookmarking this page for future reference. I have searched all over the Internet for a comprehensive list of fundraising ideas and have never found one, so I decided to write one myself.

REEMBER: *** If you are going to do multiple fundraisers, it's best to try several different products to avoid product fatigue. ***

Fundraisers with no Upfront Cost - Food Items

  1. Pasta Fundraiser - - This fundraiser has pasta in a ton of different shapes including your favorite college team, pasta for every holiday and every possible event (pasta for baby showers, the first day of school, birthday parties) The prices are reasonable for the customer 6-8 dollars per package and you get to keep 40% of that (50% if you manage to sell over 5000.00). This is one you don't see every day!
  2. Cookie Dough Fundraiser - Everyone loves cookies and there is a reason why this one is so popular. There are a ton of places to buy cookie dough, a quick google search will show you that. Usually you retain 40 - 50% of the cost of the item.
  3. Gourmet Coffee Drink Fundraiser - has one that offers a wide variety of yummy sounding gourmet coffee, late, and hot cocoa products for 14.00 each. Your group keeps 40-50 percent of the profits.
  4. Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser - This is another fairly popular one. A google search will bring up many options.
  5. Candy and Chocolate Treats fundraiser - offers a fundraser where you can sell Gourmet treats such as boxes of chocolates, old fashioned lollipops in assorted flavors, peanut brittle, toffee and gourmet candy bars. Prices range from 9-17 dollars. Profits can range from 2-5 dollars per item.
  6. Pizza Kits - Little Caesars Pizza Kits are found at These pizza kits come with everything you need. Also included in this fundraiser are crazy bread kits, cheesy bread kits, boneless wings, salads, calzones and pizza spices, cutter, etc. Kids LOVE pizza, this might be a great one for a youth organization.
  7. Krispy Kreme Fundraising - googe it or visit a local Krispy Kreme for more information.
  8. Assorted food items - offers cookie dough, sweet rolls, cheese spreads, breads, pretzels, pizza crusts and a variety of gluten free products and more. Prices range from 7-16 dollars and you profit will range from 25% to 50% depending on the amount of product you sell.
  9. Soft Pretzel Fundraiser - offers a delicious fundraiser with soft pretzels and cinnamon rolls and other pretzel based products like pretzel dogs (hot dogs wrapped in pretzels).
  10. Butter Braid Fundraising - I don't know if you've ever had a ButterBraid but they are delicious and we did it as a fundraiser and it's been requested again this year by customers. has this tasty fundraiser. They also offer rolls. MOST people who talk to me about it say they regret having not ordered more and are looking forward to our next sales. Talk about awinner! **HUGE SUCCESS**
  11. More to come, as I sniff out more awesome fundraisers.
  12. Please leave comments with any food based fundraisers you've tried and let us know how successful they were.


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    • Mandy M S profile image

      Mandy M S 5 years ago

      Thank you, hopefully it will help someone!

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      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      This is all great and valuable information and ideas to make some extra money .

      Well done and vote up and more !!!