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Easy Ideas to Make Extra Money

Updated on November 5, 2017

People will always be scheming of ways to make extra money. The reality about money is that no matter how much you have, it will never be enough. It doesn't matter how well your boss is paying you, at the back of our mind there's always the 'I wish I was making more money' thoughts.

Remember these tips before you think of venturing into a side-hustle;

-It should not go against your terms of employment

- It should not be time-consuming

- It should not eat into your income and if it does, get rid of it, it's useless!

1. Wedding Dress to Let

Some brides do not intend to have any sentimental attachment to a wedding dress. Or they want a nice dress at a lower price than a new dress and do not want to pay too much for "a one-day event". Some just want to get married and get on with their lives.

You could just sell this dress but it is better to keep it as a perpetual source of revenue. You can even expand and have more dresses to rent out from your home. The best deal about this is that it can be a side-hustle as you carry on with your usual day to day businesses.You just take calls and make arrangements for fittings. Voila!

2. Sell your Personal Items

If you are financially low, cash-strapped, you may have to consider forfeiting some of your valuable assets, at a cost. You can sell your old furniture, or some clothes or electronics or even your car

All you have to do is to list your item on the classifieds. Join social media marketplaces for example on market groups, or promote an ad on your page, on Facebook.

3. Sell Clothes

I once read about a lady who built an empire from just selling vintage clothes. You can try that too. You can deal in new clothes or second-hand clothes or your own clothes.

Just take clear photos of the clothes you intend to sell and post them online.

4. Sell Domain Names

Otherwise known as "flipping domains". You buy domain nanes just to sell them.

Some people make a living on selling domains names only. Selling domains can be a very lucrative business. You can invest on just a domain, or several domains, at a time. Do you know how much insurance. com was sold? $35.6M! Just a domain name.

A domain name that has the potential to sell must be a short word, straight-forward if it is more than two words( $35M) and easy to pronounce.

Famous marketplaces where you can sell your domain names are, flippa and SEDO. You can also advertise a sale on your landing page.

5.Facebook Group Cover Photo

Dragging people into your Facebook group is very easy. Add the people in your friend-list and request your friends to add the people in their friendlist too. And just like that you have traffic.

All you have to do is to make the group entertaining enough to make people want to advertise in the group. Then monetize the cover picture as if it were a banner. Inform the members that for one to post a picture in the cover picture he/she should pay $$$.

And just like that you can passively make extra cash.

6. Advertise on your Blog or Website

This can be a passive source of revenue.

Once you have brought in traffic to your blog and are sure about the traffic being constant and consistent you can now think about Google adsense, affiliate marketing. You can even advertise for your clients by contacting them directly or allowing them to contact you if they would like to advertise on your a cost obviously.

The best advantage about this idea is that you can have several money-making blogs and websites.

7.Sell a Video

Do you have an interesting video/photo that exclusively belongs to you? Some media houses invite submissions from readers. I know for a fact that Daily Mail is into that business. You only need a good phone to capture interesting issues around you. Does your child do something really cute that other children do not do? I recently watched an adorable video submitted to Daily Mail of toddler girl twins dancing and dramatising "Frozen" - very cute.

I also watched a video of a very angry man ranting at a fellow passenger in a train. And another video of a teen angry at all the bad things happening in her life, she was talking about having acne, going bald, not having money to pay her ticket, hilarious!

So keep busy, take an interesting video and send it to Daily Mail. Or upload that video on Newsflare. Or place it on youtube.

8. Sell Your Hair

You can be in the hair business during your free time.
If your hair is long you can cut it and make money selling it. My friend recently sold her dreadlocks to a salonist at $400. Just when you were wondering how to make more money huh? Goodbye hair, hello money!

9. Office to Let

If you have space in your office you can let out part of it. You could re-organize it until it looks like a perfect office then sit back and watch your extra money trickling in for a very long time. There will always be someone looking for an office. Or an office space. Just put up an advertisement in the classifieds and wait.

10. Sell your Facebook Page

Most online business-persons find starting a Facebook from scratch hectic and so would easily be enticed by a ready-made page that has traffic already. The more the traffic the faster your page will sell. A page of about 5000 people can fetch around $50. A page of 1M people will naturally bring in a lot more cash. So if you are good at driving traffic to a page then this is something you can consider.

Remember to not give it a Facebook URL because you can only change it once. So let the buyer have the chance to set and change it.

11. Organize a Retreat

Organizing a retreat for the weekend or holiday will not take much of your time. You only have to consider the following:

-Niche: What's the agenda of the retreat? Is it for colleagues? Ensure you give it a name. For example, "Singles Retreat..." if it is just for singles.

-Location: You should pre-arrange the location way before your retreat to avoid confusions. You cannot organize a retreat and decide " we will go to..." if you haven't gone there and confirmed that it will be a good location.

Cost: Will it cater for anything or does the team have to keep digging into its pocket? If its the latter then its a given that the retreat will be a flop. The cost should take care of everything. Its better to make it expensive but have people pay once only than have it cheaper yet keep on asking for more money. You will also include your cut in the total cost.

Number of people: How many people are you targeting? That will determine everything. You should fix a date when the booking ends beyond which you will not accept more people. This will make it easy to organize the retreat.

Retreat span: You should not only plan before-hand on the retreat date but also how long it will last.

The more retreats you organize the easier it gets. Every successful retreat means more clients so give it your best shot. Retreats can give you a good time and easy extra cash.


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