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Easy Ways to Get Free Food

Updated on February 3, 2015

Yummy Free Food

Get Free Food the Easy Way!!

You got to eat to live so why not eat for free. Here are a few simple and pain free tips to help you get your next meal for free.

Start Mystery Shopping- Mystery shop companies often do work for fast food restaurants and fine dining establishments. These assignments help business owners evaluate their employees customer service. Not only can you get reimbursed for your meal, you often get a shopper fee for completing the shop. This is a win win for everybody.

Join the Club- Often restaurants and fast food eateries have clubs that you can join. Often you can get a free meal on your birthday or something free when you frequent the restaurant often

Check the Receipt-The next time you eat out check out the bottom of your receipt. Restaurants are offering promotion for doing a survey on your visit, at the end of the visit you have to enter a code and write it on your receipt. You can then bring this receipt on your next visit in exchange for free food. Recently I ordered some food from McDonald's on the receipt was an offer for a buy one get one free quarter Pounder in exchange for completing the survey.

I don't know what it is but free food seems to taste better to me than food that's been paid for. I guess the taste of accomplishment that goes along with the meal. Good luck getting free food and happy eating!!


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