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5 Easy Ways to Save Money when Grocery Shopping

Updated on February 9, 2017

We all know grocery stores have loyalty programs and coupons that can save us money at the checkout, but here are five other useful tips that can also help us save at the checkout.

1. Make a List

Humans find it hard to resist temptation so this leads to impulse buying at the grocery store. By the time we reach the checkout we often end up with a trolley full of items we didn't intend to buy, and forget the ones we actually came for. Make a list before you go shopping and unless there is something heavily reduced in price stick to the list.

2. Shop in a Hurry

Arrive at the grocery store equipped with a shopping list and zoom in and out leaving little time to meander and be tempted by items that aren't needed.

3. Look For Expiration Dates

It's amazing how many people don't pay attention to the expiry dates on perishable goods. Unless the item is heavily reduced in price it's no use buying a gallon of milk, or tub of yogurt if it's going to go off in a few days. Perishable items such as milk, yogurt, bread, meat and eggs often end up in the bin because we don't use them before they go off.

4. Buy in Bulk

If you find non perishable items on sale that you use on a regular basis stock up and buy bulk. Items like toilet paper, canned goods, pasta, rice, body wash, toothpaste, and soda are all things that last a while. The key to this is only buying items you already use and know you will use in the future. Don't be fooled into buying something you don't use just because it's a great deal.

5. Buy Generic Products

Try switching to generic store brand products for basic items as these are often a lot cheaper than brand name products. There are always going to be certain brands we prefer for specific products, but by even swapping just a few items to generic brands you'll end up saving a lot of money by the end of the year.


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