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Easy and legit ways to get amazon gift cards

Updated on January 28, 2015

Amazon Gifts for Free

Who does not love shopping at Amazon they have almost everything you could buy even food. One of the best things that I love about Amazon is you can use their gift cards to purchase items on the website, and there are so many places that offer these gift cards for little or no work involved. I recently started collecting Amazon gifts cards in January instead of starting a Christmas Club bank account and in December I had enough money to buy my entire family gifts. Here are the many ways I received those gift cards.

Swagbucks TV- I came across the website swagbucks along time ago and could not get into the such for rewards hype and I really did not like their search engine, but one day while browsing the google play store I came across swag buck tv and found it is a easy way to get Amazon gift cards. Once you download the app you can watch movie trailers, cooking videos, fashion videos and get rewarded for watching. Once get 450 swagbucks you can redeem them for a 5 dollar gift card.

Opinion Outpost- I do not know where I would be without this website. Amazon gift cards given through this site paid for my son's baby crib when I couldn't afford it. Opinion Outpost is a survey site. For every survey you complete you are awarded points. These points can be redeemed for Amazon credit or Paypal redemption. The points can also be accumulated very quickly.

Receipt Hog- Another great mobile app that pays in Amazon credit or cash to upload your store receipts. Receipt Hog uses the info for marketing purposes and pays you for that info. Its does not matter what store you shopped at or how much you spent, points are given after the upload and you can redeem for Amazon credit.

Old gift cards- One easy way that I save for my purchases on Amazon is I build up my gift card balances with spare change left on old gift cards. If I have an old visa gift card laying around I can go to amazon and purchase 50 cents or more in amazon gift cards and leave that balance to build upon. It is amazing how fast that little change will go

Spare change in my couch- Another easy to get amazon gift cards is to use your spare change. The coin-star in my local grocery store has the option of redeeming my coins for amazon gift cards without any coin counting fees!! This is a win win for me I can put as little as five dollars in change and the machine will print me a receipt with my amazon gift card gift card code. I am always finding loose change around my house and in my car. That money adds up quickly and I am often making a deposit in my amazon gift card account.

There are many ways to get amazon gift cards, sometimes I choose to spend mine on an item I have been eyeing or use amazon like a bank and save my cards up for when I want to make a big purchase either way its takes little effort buy what I want to the site. Happy shopping!


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