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Different Ways to make money online for free

Updated on August 8, 2010

Making the Dough online

Yes you can make money online without having to pay a dime, but  it's time consuming and requires patience. Their are different ways to make money online, from filling out surveys, blogging, and answering your emails. I'll go over the methods in which you can make money, and have the links to the sites where you can get started. The following methods don't require credit card information, but do require patience and hard work, good luck and i hope we can all make money from the internet one day.

Filling out Surveys

I know we have all heard about this one, and yes it seems like a waste of time if you ask me, but over time you can and will earn money. seems to me like the best survey website. The reason is because you don't need to fill out surveys if you don't want to, but to make money all you can do is click on the emails they send you. Yup, you can earn money by clicking on the emails that the website sends you. Basically the website has offers that you fill out and you get paid. The thing is that you never click on the offers that say they'll pay you more than a dollar, because those are the offers that require you your credit card information. If you fill out one survey a day and answer all your emails from the website then you will reach your 30 dollar mark, yes you need to reach a mark in order for you to receive payment.


I'm sure you've heard about most of this ways to make money online. Blogging/website is a time consuming way to make money, but if you like to write and have time then you are ready to move to play the game. The basics to blogging or write a website or hub is you first write one, now you can't just write some random crap on a blog. What you write has to bring people to it, so write something that many people are searching for and make it be at the top of the google searches. Remember this simple formula, traffic(visitors)=Money(AdSense). Get hundreds to thousands of people to your blog or website and I'll be set to make money. It would also be a good idea to make an army of blogs and websites to make more money. Mostly every money making website like surveys require mark, like you have to reach a mark, sometimes it could be 30, but for google you need 100 so work hard and good luck. There are a lot of things that go into writing a good blog or hub so check out a how to guide they'll give the basic understanding on how to make it.

How Hard is it?

It's not the hardest thing, but it is time consuming, I'll probably say time consuming a lot in this hub, so bare with me. If you put your time and effort into something you will earn money not tons but some 100 or so a month. 100 bucks a month, how? Well you need to have many sites, and be a member to a lot of things to make an income on the Internet for free. By making 100 well written hubs/websites and making them be at the top of google searches then you should make an income from the Internet. Many survey sites will earn you money, not just one but multiple, and it is a hassle and sometimes you want to quite, but make sure you want to earn money, and it's not easy.

Other ways, but they require credit card information

I'll tell you the other ways to make money but they require c.c. When filling out surveys there will most likely be offers that ask you to join some program, like netflix try the 7 day free trail but they need your c.c.

  • Filling out offers
  • Buying things that say that you can make money, not sure if they work
  • Referring people, but they will need to fill out offers
  • Hosting your own website, requires you you to buy a host domain
  • I'm sure there are other ways that need your credit card information for you to make money on the Internet.

Do you think you learned something?

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What have we learned today?

  • Surveys are free, and time consuming
  • Most offres need your credit card  in oder to earn money from the website
  • Earning money is harder to make then to spend it
  • Referring people makes you money as well
  • Most of the time money making websites need your c.c. and might not work
  • Making money is not easy
  • Good luck


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    • profile image

      MarianG 7 years ago

      I'm gonna go and do some surveys! thanks so much for the tips!

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      That's true, you get so many emails, but you get paid. Writing takes time and effort, but it's still more effective, thanks for the comment.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      I have found surveys can get you money, but there pretty annoying to get flooded with emails. Blogging and writing hubs is much more effective and fun.

      Very good hub.