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Easy changes you can make to save more money

Updated on December 1, 2011

Easy changes you can make to save more money

Easy changes you can make to save more money

One of the most apparent and simple ways to save money is to change the ways you use products in your life. The idea is to make minuscule changes. For example, only purchase the cheapest products you can find. Remember that quality does not necessarily go up with the cost.

Always use the product until complete. Reverse bottles so they are upside down and drain to get all the contents inside. Rip open flour packages to get every bit that is inside; squeeze or cut open toothpaste tubes to use it all before running out to purchase more. You’ll start to notice there is still a lot that you can use inside that tiny tube!

Also, make sure to use no more than you actually need. Just because the carton says that you need a full cup of whatever substance, does not mean that you really do need a full cup. Try using half of what the directions say to use. If the directions says to make a pitcher of juice you need to use a whole cup of frozen juice mix, use only half. You will get two pitchers that way and save money by not going to purchase that juice as often.

To save some money, you can use some of the items in your house in ways that are different than normal. For instance, instead of wasting money on the fancy floor cleaners, try using bleach. It does the job, and you can use water every now and then to save some bleach. If your furniture needs to look brand new from a polish, mix 1 part vinegar with vegetable oil and rub that mixture on the furniture. Rub with a clean cloth until it shines.

For a bag you can use in the freezer, use empty grocery bags and close with masking tape. You also use a bowl with a tight sealing lid, such as a margarine tub.

If your skin is starting to look a little dry, there are many different substitutes for those lotions that are costly. You can use petroleum jelly on your hands at night after a long warm soak in a water bath or any other oil based product. Just be sure to apply the petroleum jelly right after your hands have been in the water.

To make sure you are saving your money while doing laundry, dissolve a bar soap in warm water to replace your old laundry detergent. Add 11 liters of hot water and mix well. Then you should add a single cup of washing soda.

To you, these are small changes compared to what you usually do, but when they add up, they can put money into your pocket annually. Try it and find out!


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