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Easy money making and earning through internet - Fact or myth

Updated on March 22, 2011
 Earn millions online - How easy is it to earn and make money on the internet:

Very easy is the answer all of us would like to hear. That's what we read too on the internet everyday. Is it really so simple to earn money on the net? I don't think it is that simple. So what about all the advertisements that you read about making thousands of dollars everyday? The answer to that is that these people who advertise such things are not doing anything but attracting us to their sites for their own purposes ranging from getting publicity to earning money by getting clicks on their site advertisements. Others also directly earn by selling you a ‘money making kit' for a pittance!


So what is the real truth? Can there be a gold mine open and people not taking the gold? If people can really make so many millions of dollars, wont there be a rush to that? Do you think the people who slog it out all day in their day jobs do it to have fun and wouldn't enjoy making millions sitting at home? There is only one answer to all this. Making money on the internet is not at all easy. People who make enough to quit their day jobs would have worked that much more.

It is not as if money is falling from the web into our hands. We have to work real hard to make enough. Adsense money and other money for click sites are one of the main reasons for internet income along with shopping sites. They require a lot of traffic and writing to help you become a millionaire. That needs hard work, meticulous preparation and a lot of time. Luck too plays a part in all this. Simply saying it is not easy to make enough money on the net. In fact it is very difficult except for a hard working ‘lucky' few. And if you are not one of the few in this category, but want to make it big, then you should either be ready to invest enough time and work or take it easy with minimal results.

This is not to discourage anyone, but to say out loud what most of us have always wondered in the back of our minds. All those who wish to earn money the easy way on the internet would be better off if they keep this adage in mind ‘No pain-No gain'. So the conclusion is that we can earn a lot of money on the internet, but only if we work real hard to achieve the goal


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    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thanks...I enjoyed reading this article and I absolutely agree. The person who wants everything and works for nothing will get nothing. Hard work truly is the key and thanks to Treasuresofheaven's comment, I feel far more confident in what I'm doing. Thank you both very much.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Good practical advice!

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 7 years ago from Michigan

      We really do have to be aware of scams - fradulent ads. We should also use our common sense before committing to a scheme to get rich.

      Here on Hubpages -- Google Adsense, Amazon and Kontera Affiliates do make money. It is hard to get rich in any profession, but a decent income is possible here - shared by Hubbers personal income statements.

      Thanks for the information in your Hub.

    • Dynicky profile image

      Dynicky 7 years ago

      This is a very good informative hub. Honesty is key. There are a lot of websites making promises that just aren't true to lure people in to fraud.

    • profile image

      chhetp1 8 years ago

      Hi,, yes, its true... it would really take a very brave effort to make some quick money using the internet. I have been trying it since last two years...and by now i have learnt more than 1000 ways not to get carried away by those lofty messages which hits your browser assuring you that you will earn handsome money within a day. This is impossible for a novice who doesnt know abcs of internet bussiness.

    • profile image

      CashGiftsDirect 8 years ago

      Working hard is the key. There really is not any other way of working online. Just as you have stated, writing is a prerequisite. There is no way around that either.

    • profile image

      oberbreckling 9 years ago

      Hi, alot of hard work eh. I would have too agree with you but hopefully it's because I'm still working to get better, once I become a better writer, "Maybe" I'll make more money. So I have accepted that fact and will practice, practice, and practice. "LOL" I have found a easy way to drive traffic to your hubs from outside sourses, and I've finally started making some money. florencemanoharan if you want to exchange som Idea's let me know on fan mail. Or just ignore me thats fine too.bye!