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Easy ways of making some extra cash online

Updated on May 14, 2013

I have been trying for a few months different ways of making some extra money online, even I have not been much successful as many of them require a lot of involvement, but some require less involvement and are much more satisfying, here I want to enumerate my favorite ones and the ones that found out more effective:

  • Online surveys: you must complete a profile and they will sent you surveys depending on your data. There are some interesting sites but if you are not from USA your best bet would be searching for local survey sites were you will probably get more surveys and therefore more money.
  • Write for money: there are sites where you can write for some content, like HubPages, as you may know these sites share their earnings with you, if you are not registered at HubPages you should try also Squidoo.
  • Sell unnecessary or collectible items: you can sell on eBay or Craigslist; you also can risk a little and buy bulk items and resell them individually or find sales and resell it for a little more, but it's not recommended many people state that requires a big involvement and time.
  • Start your own blog: If you have a hobby or want to talk about something you can create a blog and get some money through Adsense. You can I have some published post that can be interesting for beginners:


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