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Eat out and save

Updated on July 11, 2016

So I love to eat take out food and its one of my biggest financial down falls. But its because I always find my self craving those foods pizza, burgers, Asian food, sushi, Mexican, Shawarma or what ever maybe your "Achilles heel" of food is and then I go out or get delivered said food paying an arm and a leg for it. I have an app on my phone that analyses my spending habits and one month i spent 300$ dollars on shawarma!!!!!! Not only is that embarrassing to say, it was dumb of me because i could of eaten all of the food my heart desires and more for a fraction of the price! I could of done so much with the difference of that 300 dollars.

Ok so the secret to saving money on take out, deliver and your favourite restaurant food/ desserts is so simple I am sure some people are going to get mad when they read it!


one last thing before I tell you the secret of saving money on take out, delivery and your favourite restaurants food. Go get all your take out menus all of them open up links to all your favourite restaurants open their menu page now make a list of all the food you want create the hypothetical best last meal with everything you like breakfast food, healthy food, pizza, burgers, deep fried tofu what ever it maybe. Its your list if you like it put it on build your list with what ever and however you like !

Now the secret to getting these items for a fraction of the cost is......To make it yourself !!!!

I told you you would get mad. Now let me ease the tension here some of you might be thinking well this is pointless I just wasted my time reading this and I do not know how to cook? or that that's all fine but you don't have any of the recipes of the food you like.

well you have to options you can just give up on life because your still going to eat all of those foods you love that cost you a arm and a leg continue to wish you knew of an easy way to save some extra money without compromising your lifestyle or!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can search the recipes on the internet until you have a few(4-5) for every item on your Achilles heel list and make them. Now some of you might be wondering a few things along the lines of why 4or5 for each or that's great but I still cant cook. Well first get 4or5 for each item you like to indulge because you may not like the first recipe you try.That doesn't mean give up it means try try try again until you couldn't imagine not having your own home made egg rolls or what ever food it maybe you love.Once you are independent of the places you love to eat at they will be independent of your money!!!!

Ok last but not least to all of you who can not cook lets talk real fast about something called a recipe it is your gps of food if you want to get from hungry to pad Thai, pizza, sushi, cheese cake or what ever you may want. Follow the recipe TO THE LETTER AND YOU WILL GET THE DESIRED OUT COME. The recipe was originally created by a food professional. If you do not understand an ingredient, cooking term or a specific step do some online research their are usually how to videos and always written directions on how to do anything.

REMEMBER have fun with it because this is a long term saving strategy and short term its an investment in yourself :)


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