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Ebay Seller Jackpot

Updated on August 22, 2014

Selling on eBay is not easy. You find YouTube videos and articles promising fast sales but the reality is that their promises don't deliver. After you do find items to make a profit off of you are often ambushed by fees and shipping. Sometimes you unwittingly wind up paying out of pocket to sell your items. How to avoid this??

I'm not selling you an easy way to sell on eBay. What I am giving you is some of my own experience and directing you to a source of inventory that can yield minimal investment and better profit....if you play it right,

Have you heard of Goodwill Outlet? They are basically large warehouses where Goodwill sells all of their donations that didn't sell in the stores. I know what you're thinking. If it didn't sell in a store how can I move it? Well, let me start by telling you Goodwill typically charges way too much for their items. The beauty of the outlet is that you can score those same items that were marked too high at $.19 to $1.19 a pound!

Now how do we as sellers maximize this? Simple! Buy light weight items that are of high value. I found that designer luggage sells fast. Vintage items also do well. For example, in one trip I found a duo set of vintage Polo Ralph Lauren duffel bags and several original Carebears in great condition. I made a solid profit on that trip alone. I didn't make much but I also do this on my limited free time.

Ebay isn't the only way to profit from this. For example, you can have a targeted sale and post on Craigslist, or just have a weekly yard sale. Golf clubs are frequently dumped into the outlet bins, along with gently used golf bags. You can buy them up and sell them for a tidy profit. If delving into golf clubs, I recommend the graphite ones. You pay less per pound and they are higher demand.

Another arena is china. Have you ever had a set of nice dishware and broken ONE piece? It sucks. You no longer have a full set. Well...I frequently find Noritake and other big names in single pieces at the outlet. If someone is looking for just that one piece you're selling, chances are you can sell it for a $5 plus profit.

Why is $5 important? IT is because it not only adds up but it also can reduce the seller costs when you establish yourself as a reliable seller and you can package and ship multiple sale items at once. Bulk = lower cost per item.

One final sale is guaranteed. You need to diversify not only what you sell but where you sell it. Goodwill Outlet is a great place for resellers, scrappers, etc. You just need to do the work. In time you will figure out what to buy and where to sell it. There was a lady at my local outlet who bought glassware at $.19 a pound and made $500 per trip to a place not far from the outlet where she sold it. You really need to research and learn from you successes and failures.

Good luck!


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