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Ebook make money online on Youtube with video 2016 Part 1

Updated on March 15, 2016


What is the most famous and common sport in the world? What sport matches do we watch every weekend and lose sleep over?

You’re right! It’s Football. Some countries call it Soccer. From now on, I will use Football as many of you already know it.

Millions of men not only love Football but they are OBSESSED with Football. Heck, let's be brutally honest because marriages have ended in divorce over this Global obsession! Men read and watch anything about football and football-related stuff. They talk about football everyday and watch football matches every weekend. In internet marketing language, it means football is a VERY VERY big BIG and EVERGREEN Niche. It’s more than enough for us.

What We Need:

A good computer: In this method, we will make our own videos. So we need to run some simple softwares like video splitter, video editor. The truth is you don’t need an powerful computer. But a better computer can make you work faster.

A Youtube account: Of course you need it to upload video. For best comfortable, use a new one. But if you want to use an old one (an old one have some advantages than a new one), make sure it’s a clean one.

An Adsense account: You need it to receive money from Google. Your channel earnings will be collected into this Adsense account.

Before I take you step by step click the video link below to see why this particular niche is so interesting. Let's watch it now!

The Method – Step by step guide:

Remember: The way I show you here to do this method is the easiest and fastest way to get success within this niche! But after that, don’t limit yourself. I believe after you have enough confidence, you can work much better.

After watching the video above, you will know a bit about what type of video we will work with.

No Fluff! No BS! I go directly Step by Step right now so PLEASE read carefully!

Step 1. Building Your Own Video Database

- Now open “My computer”, choose a directory to save your project. Make a new

folder and name it “1 Video database”

- In “1 Video database” folder, make a new folder and name it “ 1 Ronaldo”

- In “1 Ronaldo” folder, make 2 new folders and name them “1 goal” and “2 dribbling”

Now your folder looks like this:

I bet that you know what we will do with these folders: Save all video resources here. Now we will find videos to fill up these folders.

- Go to Now we work in Ronaldo folder so we will search for

“ronaldo goals” first.

For example, we choose video in picture below

- Copy video URL then paste into YTD Video Downloader (Download here – then follow install note to register for Pro version). Choose setting like this then click Download. Wait for download is completed:

Maybe you will ask why we download other people’s videos. Good question!

But I don’t explain it here. Just continue reading then you will know why. I will explain more in FAQ section.

Now open Idoo Video Editor 1.6.0. Register Pro version with detail in text file. Choose

Watermark (or you can use your favourite Watermark software).

- Add your video by click “Add File”.

- Browse and choose your Channel logo. Change Watermark Size and position for enough to hide the original logo. Choose output Format (Mp4) and output folder then click Start.

- When process is complete. Go to “1 Ronaldo” Folder then remove original video


By this way, we can hide the author logo but show your logo in final video.

- Install Xilisoft Video Cutter 2.2.0. Register with detail in txt file (or you can use your favourite video cutter software – this software is an example).

Choose your video. Use this tool to cut video into many clips. Each clip is each goal (for one goal only). I do it by click “play”, click 1 for start point and 2 for end point of each part then click 3. Finally, click Cut to save all part. Wait for processing.

Now you have 50 videos about 50 goals of Ronaldo. Save all to “1 Goal” folder because they are all about goal.

Continue downloading videos to fill up your database. Repeat again for Messi, Neymar, Ronaldinho, Bale, Di Maria, Rooney, … too. Do it till you think it’s enough for your video ideas. Make some videos first then you can download more videos later.

Remember that you should classify them into right categories, goal videos into goal folders, dribbling videos into dribbling folders. Name of videos should be what easy to understand about that video.

For example:

- 1 22/10/2013 - Barca vs Real – long short

- 2 Chealsea vs Mu – vole

- 3 top 50 goal – 28

- 4 top 10 goal 2003-2013 – penalty

- 5 top free kick

That’s it. Name them like this will let you much comfortable to work in future.

If you have time, you should find for match highlights to cut high quality clips.

This step is not hard but it takes you time and efforts. But fortunately, it’s hard in the first time only. Can say that you have to do it 1 time only. Then after that, you can download more or not is not much important. Your video database is enough for you to make thousands of new videos.

If you want to make your database better for time, just find match highlight videos every week (almost in weekend only, nice, right? ). Choose matches that have your players only. I recommend you go this way. Because it takes you really less time and effort but the effect is Great. You will have a fresh and beautiful video database growing every week.

© 2016 trangdiva


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