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Eco Gadgets To Cut Your Heating Costs

Updated on April 10, 2011

Fed up with big heating bills at the end of every winter? These exciting eco gadgets will help you chop down both your energy usage and your energy wastage, cutting your heating costs dramatically.

How much could I save on my heating bill?

Eco Gadget
Potential Saving
Thermal Leak Detectors
'Up to 20% of energy usage'
Radiator Reflector Foil Panels
'Up to 40% of energy wastage'
Door Draft Guards
'Up to 10% of energy wastage'
Programmable Thermostats
'Up to 33% of energy usage'

1. Thermal Leak Detectors

Feeling cold? Before you crank your thermostat and push your heating bill up, check that energy is not simply being wasted via tiny air leaks in your windows, doors, insulation and other openings.

To find all the almost imperceptible cold spots in your house, get hold of a useful little eco gadget called a 'thermal leak detector'. Recessed mouldings, plug socket housings, loft and cellar hatches, skirting board edges - a lot of tiny leaks can add up to a big heating bill. Thermal leak detectors help you improve your home's energy efficiency by showing you all the places where heat goes out and cold air comes in, so you can take remedial action.

For those of you who live in hotter climates, these handy little eco gadgets can also be used to find hot spots in air-conditioned houses. Thermal leak detectors can also be used to check the temperature and energy efficiency of your fridge and freezer.


2. Radiator Reflector Foil Panels

Did you know that up to 70% of the heat from your radiators is heating the wall behind?

Radiator reflector foil panels direct this lost heat back into the room, significantly reducing heat loss through the wall. Your home will heat up faster and radiators will retain their heat longer, so you can switch your thermostat down and cut those fuel bills.

Radiator reflector foil panels are cheap, discreet and easy to install - just cut them to size with scissors and stick them to the wall behind your radiator. Double sided tape is normally supplied with your radiator reflector foil panels for this purpose.

3. Door Draft Guards

Door draft guards are another cunning eco gadget solution to keep your home toasty, and can be picked up for next to nothing.

Busy lives mean the front and back doors constantly opening and closing, letting out your valuable heat. Use a door draft guard on all the inner doors that open onto your entrance and exit ways to keep heat in the rooms and keep your energy bills at a minimum!


4. Programmable Thermostats

Thermostats just got a whole lot cleverer. New style programmable thermostats are initially expensive, but use them well and they'll pay for themselves in just a couple of years of energy saving.

  • 7-day and 5-day programmable thermostats allow you to set your thermostat to cover all your family's movements over the week. You can cut your heating costs by only heating your home precisely when you need it.
  • Multi-zone programmable thermostats allow you to set different temperatures for different areas of the house, rather than the heating system attempting to heat the whole house to a uniform temperature. This will save you a fortune on your heating bills over the year.


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    • The Earth Goat profile image

      The Earth Goat 6 years ago from South Downs, UK

      Great, glad to be of service!

    • profile image

      Eco Gadgets 6 years ago

      The Radiator Reflector Foil Panels

      Now that is something I didn't really know. Well when I say i didn't know i mean I did but its just something you dont think about.

      Really nice gadget