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Eco Gadgets To Cut Your Energy Costs

Updated on January 26, 2011

Pretty much everyone these days knows that by switching out old-fashioned bulbs for new style energy-saving bulbs, they can save money - but there are plenty more cunning eco gadgets to help you cut your energy bills in a big way. Read on for more details on these energy-saving eco gadgets...

Energy-saving extension leads

Smart green energy-saving extension cables can save you a packet on your electricity bills. Ideal for home offices, eco extension cables automatically switch off your printer, your monitor and any other peripherals when you shut down your computer. The cables also have sockets that stay on all the time - useful for your cordless phone hub, for example.

Remote-controlled standby savers

The standby setting for your electronic devices may look light on energy - just that little red light - but can actually guzzle up to 70% of the energy of the devices in use. No wonder it's called the energy vampire! 

Standby savers work in a similar way to the energy-saving extension leads, though with a little more flexibility. Plug all the electronic gadgets in your house into the supplied plugs and you'll be able to switch everything off and on with just a touch on your remote control

Even better, the remote control has several channels, so you can link up several items to be switched on and off together, or separate out individual devices - it's up to you! Perfect for shutting down home entertainment systems and garage workshops. 

Energy-saving motion sensors

Extra useful for household fans or tricky staircases at night, energy-saving motion sensors switch on automatically when someone walks into range, and off again when they leave. No messing around, just plug in and reap the benefits in your energy bills

Home power monitors

This bit of eco kit helps you keep a tab on where your home energy is being wasted by giving you precise readings of your energy usage. You'll be shocked to find out how much energy it takes to keep the microwave in clock mode, for example, and you'll definitely get keener to turn the lights off when you're not using a room.

While a home power monitor won't save you money directly on your energy bills - through raising your awareness of energy wastage in your home, it will spur you into energy saving action!  

Solar energy chargers

I'm sure many of us can remember the solar powered calculators we used at school. Well, now it's possible harness the free power of the sun to charge almost any gadget in the home. The new improved solar chargers hold their charge for months, or even years, so they're not just for tropical climes. 


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