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Economic Birth Control? Financially Preparing For Kids

Updated on October 9, 2012

I read this article awhile back in, but wanted to share some interesting information. Apparently, as the economy is dipping further and further down, more and more people are actually waiting to have kids. When the Mrs. and I approached the idea of having kids, we knew we both wanted at least two. Hopefully a boy and a girl. It’s pretty much the American dream right? While we’re at it, we’ll throw in a dog, a cat and a white picket fence for good measure. We had two prerequisites though: First we wanted to wait until she was done with nursing school (I didn’t want to waste all that money on tuition just to have her stop 6 credit hours before graduation), and second we wanted to be financially stable.

Financially stable? What in the heck does that mean? For us it means that we wanted to be able to provide for our children and didn’t want to rely on any state or tax payer funded programs. Not that there is actually anything wrong with that, but we decided we wanted to be socially responsible. Sorry if that offends anyone, but when it comes to planned pregnancies, it really is the right thing to do. If you are found with an unplanned surprise you’re in a bit of a different boat.. I’ll try not to be judgmental in that case. After a few months of her graduating, we were bombarded with questions from friends and family about when we were going to have kids. We informed everyone we would start working’ on it once we were financially stable. Well it turns out that never really happened.. There always seems to be some sort of new bill creeping up, or something that’s needed so we just decided to go for it.

I’ll admit we may be better off than some folks, both being employed and all, but we wish we could have had some extra savings before starting the process. As it turns out we aren’t alone. According to the article from Yahoo news, the birth rate in the US has dipped for the third consecutive year in a row. The article suggests that it’s because of the economy. Let’s face it, with less expendable income for baby diapers, wipes, oh and college tuition for your little one, it sorta makes sense. I’m glad to see that at least some families are planning ahead.. Take a look for yourself some of the statistics are staggering!


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