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Education as an investment vehicle

Updated on March 16, 2011

Investing in education


As an investment vehicle education comes with jobs. In cash flow quadrant by Robert Kyiosaki "The better your education , the better your chances of earning money.

People get educated actually to get jobs for some reasons which will last you the whole of your active lifetime. Have a good education is something that we cannot compromise but in the world of today geting educated for you to secure a job is living in a fantasis.

Pros of education as a job investment.

  • One thing for sure is that it's a life time investment, once you are educated you may be hire by anybody in the world . It's is not necessary to go back and learn a fresh.
  • The world has become a global village and you can offer your services anywhere in the world with good qualification do not panic.
  • You have knowledge to think, reason and act swiftly
  • Socializing is more easy and enjoyable.

Cons of education as an investment vehicle

  • Return of your investment might take you long to realize
  • You might invest in discipline which you don't love but force by circumstances
  • Education do not end, so you have to be updated all the time
  • No gurantee of your return in the chosen field
  • You are not alone in your field of study with few openings
  • etc

Your future as an educational investor

  • Pension scheme, if employeed by the goverment
  • Help from your educated children and grandchildren when you retire
  • Loans from banks and friends
  • Educating your kids to follow your footstep
  • No financial paradigm shift
  • You will depend on monthly salary
  • Your core activity will be spending on liability
  • All your financial problems will be blame on your past activities includiong and not limited to your father, mother and anybody you knew.

Using your eduaction investment as an asset

  • Attend financial seminars and traings on money and investing
  • Attend MLM, network marketing events to learn the following - What's persitence and it's importance to success, Focus which act as a driver to your destination, Attitude change which help you to reflect on your inner thinking, you will know that lack has got know room for success in your life
  • and many more

Some food for thought to think about

  1. Do you need money, if yes how much
  2. When do you need the money?
  3. Why do you need the money?
  4. What are you doing to get the money?
  5. Do have a plan for getting the money you need?
  6. What do your plan says?

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