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Erie Insurance Login -

Updated on January 3, 2012



There are many insurance companies which are providing variety of solutions for every sector of human needs. One such company is Erie Insurance Group, situated in Pennsylvania. They are offering wide range of insurance services for auto, loans, home, business, life care and medical facilities, as well as fro commercial sectors also.

Erie Insurance Group is diverse in 11 states through the channel of individual clients, agents, brokers, and the service persons. Moreover their network is also spreaded across different countries with regional and central offices.

During the establishment phase Erie Company were running short and simple services which were giving them profit range of about 34 USD on each insured policy. Then after Erie Insurance started many new features in their services which inculcates fire safety, life guard protection and many others of personal dealings.

How to Login

  1. Open page:
  2. Enter correct Username and hit Go button
  3. On next window enter Password of your membership account
  4. Forgot Username or Forgot Password help available under login box
  5. New users make a new profile by visiting Create New Account page

Login Screen

Features and Services

Some of the remarkable features of this group are as follows;

  • There are about 4.3 different types of policies available.
  • They are ranking 13th in terms of automotive insurances and 19th in the field of personal life care and property.
  • In terms of assets they are ranking 119th amongst the topmost insurance companies which are making profit in corporate and private sector.

Different areas of their services includes following types of policies;

Life and cover of property in co-ordination with liability- They are covering 3000 pounds assets management in this panel. Also they are offering discounting features as per the condition of home and income trends. Moreover they are also providing policies for home insurances which cover life care status of every member in case of emergency and disasters.

Automotive insurances- They are offering 30 types of car insurances with wide variety of features for every insured policy. All the aspects of automotive policies are covered in this panel.

There are many policies which undertake pension and retirement planes which are helpful for the old age employees. Most interesting thing about this sector is that there are many agents involved in it which are actively dealing with all the policies of this panel.


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