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Every little bit

Updated on February 15, 2012

My Coke Rewards

My coke rewards is Coca Cola’s website to encourage dedication to its product. Every time you consume a Coke product, you will find a code inside to enter on their website. If you build up enough of their points, you can earn gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and enter sweepstakes for trips and ipads. I have earned $50 in gift cards to Nike, some subscriptions to Good Housekeeping for me and a friend, a $10 Red Envelope gift card, Blockbuster rentals, exercise video download, wireless headphones, and free coke 12 packs. The prizes do change periodically but it really is nice to earn gifts for something you would do anyway!


At MyPoints, you earn points which can later be redeemed for gift cards to various merchants. Points are earned by completing surveys, shopping through their links, clicking through emails sent, and signing up for special offers. Using Mypoints I’ve earned Magazine several gift cards. I typically go for JCPenney but there are lots of different companies you can choose. You will have to wait for the actual gift card to come in the mail (not just an online code) but they seem to ship out fairly quickly.


Swagbucks really reminds me of MyPoints except you earn points quicker and you can earn points for using them as your search engine. Additionally, they have swagbucks TV which I think earn points too slowly to be worth it, a tasks – again – too much work for the result. I can usually earn enough “bucks” to get two $5 Amazon gift cards per month just by answering the daily poll, clicking through their no obligation offers (don’t have to fill them out, you just have to move through) and using them as my search engine even if I know the full address of where I want to go.

Your Little Bits...

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Pinecone is probably the best online survey/research organization out there. Unfortunately they are currently full but keep your eye out. Spots do occasionally open up. Instead of asking you a few questions and taking you to some pyramid scheme like some survey sights do, they ask you legitimate questions about new and upcoming products. Then you receive payment (usually $3) directly to your Paypal account.


At Toluna, you earn points for completed surveys and if you go to their website, they even have one answer polls that you can earn a few points on. I have two main complaints. The first is that it takes so many points to get a payout; 60,000 points to get a $20 check. Each survey is usually between 1,200 points to 2,000 points although there are some worth higher payouts if you are lucky enough to qualify. The other is that I get at least a couple of survey invitations sent to my inbox each day. I start filling them out and then get the whole, “We aren’t looking for people in your group”message. Seriously the first few questions are typically items that could be found in your initial sign up information. I really wish they would do some kind of computerized prescreening before they bother sending the invitations!

Looks at all those quick polls!  15 points just to answer 1 question:)
Looks at all those quick polls! 15 points just to answer 1 question:)


I have started selling various household items at Ebay. I would suggest before going through the trouble of listing an item, type in your item as a search and then filter it to completed listings. If a typical item goes for $0.99, don’t bother. By the time Ebay deducts their fees for both the item AND the shipping (not fairL- It’s not my money!), and then Paypal deducts their fees, and you factor in the time to take pictures, accurately describe the item, weigh and measure it for shipping, you are actually in the hole! Ebay is not the same environment as it used to be. It used to be a fun place to bid and score a deal. Now, don’t start something at $0.99 cents unless you really are ok with receiving that for your item. Start your bidding at the lowest amount you are willing to receive for it. You may be pleasantly surprised but usually, that’s going to be it!


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